Monday Musings 79

I have no doubt that the damn virus is real and has infected millions and killed many thousands in this country. I also have no doubt that some in government don’t really want the virus to be subdued as it has given them cover to impose more control over the population. (In this polarized country many would argue that one cannot hold both of those views simultaneously. I utterly reject the American bullshit binary political paradigm that says one must choose all from Column A or all from Column B.) The irony, of course, is that those who refuse to be vaccinated as a protest against government “intrusion” are playing into the hands of those public officials who don’t want to let go.



If you look just to the left of the leftmost peak, you can see a dark blue little cloud above the puffy white ones. I don’t know why, but I watched that formation for a long time yesterday before finally getting off my ass and taking a picture. It almost looks like the shadow of a cloud so, combined with the shadows on Black Mountain (which is very green these days after a wet monsoon season), I called this picture Cloud Shadows.

Speaking of wet monsoon season, we are supposed to be affected by the remnants of tropical system Nora on Wednesday. While I feel bad for those suffering in the wake of Hurricane Ida, I wonder about the idea of having a large metropolitan area with a central city that has a mean elevation of eight feet below sea level in a hurricane prone zone.


This is sort of a random car photo:



This is a 1970 Triumph GT6. The GT6 is one of three Triumph models that interest me, the others being the Stag (which has been shown and written about in Disaffected Musings) and the Spitfire (which I don’t think has been mentioned). I think the GT6 used the Spitfire platform, but with an inline-six cylinder engine instead of the four-cylinder used in the Spitfire. I think the bodies for all three of my favorite Triumphs were designed by the legendary Giovanni Michelotti.

Like I wrote in the first Ultimate Garage 3.0 post, it’s a car’s looks that grab me first and foremost. I admit this isn’t a great picture of the GT6, but I think it has a great look.

The GT6 was produced in three iterations from 1966 to 1973. Total production was about 41,000 units. The engine for the 1970 model produced 104 HP/120 LB-FT of torque, which means that even though the car was small (84-inch wheelbase, under 150 inches in length, 2,000 pound weight) it was not a beast, by any means.

The first iteration of the car was a disappointment in terms of handling. Even though those issues were largely addressed for the MkII/GT6+ (introduced in 1969), sales did not improve.

I don’t like this car enough to overlook the lack of an automatic transmission (unlike, say, the Honda S2000) so I won’t be trying to buy one. Still, I think the car is a great styling exercise.

As always, I welcome thoughts from you. Feel free to chime in.







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