Paraphrasing Shakespeare

A refrigerator, a refrigerator,

My kingdom for a refrigerator.


The orange Big Box store delivered our new refrigerator yesterday as promised on the day we ordered it 4-5 weeks ago. By 10 AM the delivery crew had left and the fridge was running.



Obviously, my wonderful wife and I are very happy we finally have a working full-size refrigerator. I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought milk, orange juice, eggs and iced coffee–items we have not consumed at home for weeks.

Speaking of milk…since I hadn’t eaten cereal for weeks I thought my favorite brand (Cheerios) would be stale for having sat in the pantry for so long in an open box. We have those clear containers that are supposed to keep cereal fresher for longer, but the Cheerios were not in one of them.

I decided to warm the Cheerios on a new cookie sheet for a few minutes at 180°. I then let them cool down for a few minutes because I didn’t want to pour cold milk over hot cereal. Well, it wasn’t easy getting the Cheerios into the bowl from the cookie sheet. Quite a few spilled on the floor before I got the hang of it. Yes, the Cheerios tasted great.

It is amazing what we take for granted until it’s gone.


This video from a Minion of the Evil Empire shows Chip Foose “re-designing” the C8 Corvette. During the presentation Foose said that unlike the previous Corvette generations that were unmistakable in appearance, it was difficult to tell the Corvette from an Acura NSX or a Ferrari. He also said, “Don’t get me wrong when I’m saying that I don’t know if I’m a fan or not. I’m a huge fan of the performance…It’s the styling that I keep looking at and wondering why they do this or why did they do that rather than keeping that evolution of the Corvette.”

I thought I would show the three cars Foose mentioned:


See the source image

See the source image

See the source image


The cars resemble each other, but are certainly not identical. Oh, the Ferrari is a 488. Remember that, unless great (read expensive) effort is made, mid-engine architecture rules out certain design elements and rules in others.

If I had been involved in designing the C8, I would have pushed for a slightly smaller engine block that would be transversely mounted so the car could have kept more of its traditional “long hood, short deck” look and still be a mid-engine car. Of course, no one asked me and I’m sure designing a drivetrain around a transversely mounted engine would not have been cheap.

In any event, the C8 is very popular even if awful General Motors CEO Bary Marra and her board don’t want to acknowledge its success. In a recent company video, the success of the Corvette was not mentioned at all, but the company push towards an all-EV portfolio was 80% of the presentation. Whatever happened to diversification?

I have to admit that the more I see the C8 Corvette, the less I like the looks. The front of the car looks great to me and, in my opinion, is unmistakably Corvette. It’s the rear three-quarter views that are unappealing for me. That perspective is just ungainly. In an admittedly short Internet search, this was the “best” rear three-quarter view I could find:


See the source image


That view just doesn’t do it for me. Who knows? In a few months I might like that perspective. When the C6 was first introduced I wasn’t a fan of the exposed headlights, but grew to like them enough that I bought a new C6. It’s OK to change your mind, even if nothing is wrong with the one you have.













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