Change Is Constant

Yes, I write about this topic a lot…


For years I lived for sports, especially Baltimore sports. I did not watch last night’s Ravens game, preferring instead to do a little reading, watch some of the Mecum broadcast from Las Vegas I recorded and an episode of Transplant I’d already seen more than once. Apparently, though, I missed quite a game as the Ravens rallied from a 19-point deficit late in the third quarter to win the game in overtime. If I had been watching, I probably would have turned the game off late in the third quarter.

While watching the Mecum telecast I was suddenly reminded how much I enjoyed things when I was younger like a new toy or new record. I would sometimes play the same song 10 or 15 times in a row the day I bought it. (Yeah, yeah, OCD…) For the most part, I bought 45s not albums. If it was the school year, during the school day I would think about going home so I could play my new record some more.

Sorry to say that very little excites me like that anymore and certainly not sports. Change is constant.

I do very much enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife, but after 22 years of marriage the enjoyment is more comfort than anything else. I enjoy watching car auctions and some automotive programming, but I can’t say that a new episode of Flipping Bangers excites me to the same degree as a new 45 did when I was 12 years old.

I don’t think my experience is unique, but still illustrates the inevitability of change. Bad changes can’t be avoided by trying to avoid all change. Change is constant.


While this is not the Cars A To Z “B” post, I can say that I will not use Bentley, BMW or Buick. I have to say that the “A” post, about British automaker Alvis, was not met with the level of interest I had hoped.

My goal is to focus on makes that are not well-known although not all 26 posts will feature obscure companies. Actually, if you lived in the UK then Alvis wouldn’t be obscure to you.


In his most recent post, Mark featured this book:



Actually, the cover photo in his post was different as he used the edition published in 2010 and this version was published in 2015. I am especially fond of the car shown in the lower right. I wonder why? Yes, that was a joke…

While I can’t say that perusing this book “excites” me, I can say I enjoy quite a bit. It was this book that has the picture that was the inspiration for my writing about cars:



I don’t think this picture excites me as much as it satisfies and calms me, which is also a good state of mind.

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