Apocalypse Almost

On this day in 1962 President John Kennedy was shown a series of photos confirming that the Soviet Union had placed nuclear-capable missiles in Cuba. This was the beginning of what is known as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I am not particularly knowledgeable about this event although I did include an article with today’s post title in the 1962 Green Bay Packers chapter of my book about the greatest football teams of all time. I was “lucky” that my publisher specialized in military books and was able to add significant information to what I had written. Even with the publisher’s expertise they did not want me to include such an article, but I insisted. Below is a photo of the beginning of that article from my book:



The crisis ended as President Kennedy “quarantined” Cuba (using the word “blockade” could have been seen as an act of war) and Soviet Premier Khrushchev knew, in the end, he couldn’t risk a nuclear war with the US. The missiles were withdrawn from Cuba and Kennedy secretly promised to remove the missiles from Turkey that had spurred Khrushchev to act in Cuba. Tension exists today among Turkey, Russia and the US, but that’s not for this blog.


How to segue to cars or to any other topic…David Banner (not his real name) and my wonderful wife both sent emails with links to reviews of the new C8 Corvette. Most reviewers praised the car, but not all to the same degree, of course. All of those who drove the car do say it has more understeer than previous Corvettes and, given that, some issued a word of caution to those who plan to drive the car “aggressively.”

One article I found on my own was from Motor Trend. The title? “2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray First Test: The C8 Keeps Its Promises” Here is a picture from that piece:


2020 Chevrolet Corvette 3LT Z51 front three quarter in motion 3


Here is the beginning of the Motor Trend review:


“This far, no farther. Chevrolet’s Corvette engineering team has been clear: They had taken the front-engine, rear-drive sports car platform as far as possible. The only way forward was to move the engine backward. After pulling the pin and blowing up 65 years of history and heritage, the mid-engine C8 Corvette made its debut to incredible promises.”

“And after decades reporting rumors and false starts, we can finally confirm: Chevrolet keeps its promises.”


In their road test the C8 Corvette, with “just” 495 HP/470 LB-FT of torque, accelerated from 0-60 MPH in 2.8 seconds (faster, I hate to admit, than my 650 HP/650 LB-FT Z06), and did the quarter-mile in 11.1 seconds (a hair slower than my Z06). It pulled an excellent 1.04g in a lateral acceleration test (one last comparison, my Z06 can pull 1.2g) and braked from 60 MPH to a dead stop in less than 100 feet. As tested the car has an MSRP of about $88,000. I do think Chevrolet is being disingenuous when it talks about the car costing less than $60,000. I can’t imagine anyone buying a 1LT Corvette with absolutely no options unless they desperately want one and can’t afford to pay a dollar more.

The current UAW strike (which may be nearing an end) will delay the introduction of the C8. I’m guessing, and it’s strictly a guess, that full-scale production won’t start until February. I look forward to seeing my first one actually on the road.






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