22 Years!

On this day 22 years ago (or 8,036 days ago, but who’s counting…), which was also a Sunday, I married the kindest, cutest, sweetest, most wonderful person in the world. I LOVE YOU, V Squared!


Speaking of 1999, for that model year Chevrolet introduced this Corvette variant:


See the source image


Although the higher performance Z06 based on this body style would not be introduced until 2001, and this car had the same engine as all Corvettes, it was only available with a six-speed manual transmission. As a reference, two-thirds of all non-hardtop ’99 Vettes were sold with an automatic. At one point before I bought my Z06 I had the borderline insane idea of buying one of these and having an automatic transmission installed in place of the manual.

To me, these were the best looking C5 Corvettes. An auxiliary hardtop was no longer a factory option for the convertible. Don’t get me wrong, I liked all C5 Corvettes. I bought one, remember. I just think these are quite sharp in appearance.


Nothing else to add today. Be well.






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PS, it is not my intent to diminish the significance of this day in 1944. Others who are far more qualified than I to write about it are the people whose thoughts should be read today.