The Official End Of The C7?

I received this link in my email this week. It is the URL to a “post” from the Corvette Museum about final 2019 model year Corvette production numbers. If 2019 numbers are final doesn’t that mean their production has ended?

Maybe I’ve missed the story, but one would think some automotive publication or two (or three) would have noted the actual end of the C7. After all, as far as we know that is the end of the front-engine Corvette.

OK, for model year 2019 34,822 Corvettes were produced. About 39% were Stingrays, 32% were Grand Sports, 20% were Z06s and 9% were ZR1s. The Stingray percentage is lower than I would have guessed; the Grand Sport and ZR1 proportions are higher.

Total C7 production (2014-2019 model years) was 179,526. Here are all other Corvette generation production numbers:


C1 (1953-1962):   69,015

C2 (1963-1967):  117,966

C3 (1968-1982):  542,861

C4 (1984-1996):  359,028

C5 (1997-2004):  248,715

C6 (2005-2013):  215,123


C6 production/sales were hurt by the recession. Production was 147,264 for 2005-2008, but just 67,859 for 2009-2013. Total production for the first seven generations of Corvettes was 1,732,234 cars. Remember that for the first three years, 1953-55, Corvette production totaled just 4,640.

More from 2019:

More than three-quarters of Corvettes (77.6%, to be exact) were sold with automatic transmissions. More Corvettes have been sold with automatic transmissions than with manuals every model year since 1972. Coupes outsold convertibles more than 5-to-1 (84% coupes).

Arctic White (19.5%) was the most popular exterior color followed by Black (17.7%) and Torch Red (13.9%). My two favorite colors, Sebring Orange and Long Beach Red, accounted for 15.4%. Although I would never buy a white car, I was pleased to see that the two reds and orange accounted for almost 30% of 2019 Corvette production. About 86% of convertible tops were black; the least popular color was blue at 2%.

Only 2.1% of 2019 Corvettes, fewer than 750, were delivered to Europe. If the LT2 engine can be certified by the EU, then that percentage should increase. I’m sure Chevrolet is hoping so, anyway. Of course, if the UK leaves the EU then maybe certification won’t matter. Total minutia: one Z06 convertible was delivered to Japan!

Farewell, C7. It is a GREAT car!






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