Some Color, Please

The first part of this post reads: “One of the more frequent complaints we hear about new cars is their lack of interesting paint colors. It’s a valid point, since modern roads seem to be filled with an endless array of white, black, gray, and silver cars, with nary a Verdoro Green, Coronado Gold, Autumn Bronze, or Meridian Turquoise hue in sight.”

I agree that, when the subject is automobiles, we are currently overwhelmed by color blandness. [See what I did there. :)] Take a look at this car:



I mean, to me, that’s a killer color. (It’s called Lime Rock Green and was only available on C7 Corvettes in 2014.) We repainted my first car, which I grant you I owned a LONG time ago, a stunning dark blue after the accident. Are people afraid of standing out? Have people become so averse to car maintenance that they only want a color if it hides dirt better?

When I daydream about my restomod C2 Corvette, I imagine a hybrid of teal and charcoal as the exterior color with a candy apple red stripe high on the body line. I imagine two-tone seats (red and charcoal) and maybe even a similar treatment for the dash.

What’s your favorite car color(s)? Why do you think we have a monochromatic palette for our cars?