Chai, September

No, the post is not about Chai Tea. Yes, it is a play on “Hi, September” as it is my first post of the month.

The post title also refers to the fact that the product of the month and the day is 18 (nine times two). In Hebrew, every letter has a numerical value. The sum of that value for the letters in the word “Chai”–the Hebrew word for “life” (חיים, in עִבְרִית; the toast “L’Chaim” means “to life”)–is 18. Many Jews, even those of us who are not religious but are solely of Jewish ancestry and are OCD math nerds, believe that 18 is almost a holy number because of its association with the Hebrew word for life.

One manifestation of my OCD is to use the number 18 as a basis for making decisions. (Avoiding the number 13 is also part of my behavior.) When I had multiple clients in my baseball operations/player personnel consulting business I ordered uniform tops for each team with my name and the number 18. I would like to show you one of those jerseys, but this blog is still anonymous, technically.

That’s more information than you want or need about me. Oh, count the number of stars used as a divider in my blog posts.


Yesterday, Disaffected Musings received more views on a day without a post than the average number of views for all days from February 1 to July 31 of this year. The average number of views for the last two weeks of August was 68 percent higher than the February-July average. I grant that the six-month average is a bit misleading because March and May did not have a normal number of posts. Still, 68 percent is a very significant increase.

The average for the end of August basically equaled that of the best six-month stretch in the history of the blog, October, 2020 through March, 2021. I will not break a butterfly upon a wheel or look a gift horse in the mouth; I will just say Thanks.


From a recent tweet in my Twitter feed:


August 24: California bans sale of new gasoline-powered cars

August 30: California asks Californians to avoid charging electric vehicles due to electricity shortage


Truth is stranger than fiction, indeed. EVs are not the answer and are certainly not the only answer.

In that vein, here is a funny photo sent to me by David Banner (not his real name):



OK, Tesla doesn’t manufacture vans. The picture is still funny.


Speaking of Tesla, this piece is one of many reporting that some Tesla owners in Norway–land of the EV–have “begun a hunger strike in the hopes of bringing attention to a long list of alleged quality issues with their luxury vehicles.” Truth and fiction…


I am thinking about writing a few posts called If I Had To…These would be what vehicle I would pick if I were forced to select from a group that I would normally not consider, like Porsches or 4-door sedans.

I hesitate to call this a series as I might publish only two or three such posts. I also will NOT pick from among SUVs or pickup trucks. Sorry, pickup truck fans, but they have always had zero interest to me. They all look like a small box on top of a big box on top of wheels.

These posts would only show modern vehicles, say from this century, so the following would be out. This would have been the subject of a Hall of Very Good Cars post if I were continuing the series.


See the source image


This is a Rover P5B; this version of the P5 was built from 1967 to 1973. By the way, Rover called the car a coupé. I’m sure I have written this before, but I believe that the original distinction between coupes and sedans was the amount of interior volume, not the number of doors. BMW currently sells a 4-door car called a Gran Coupe.

I have been fond of the looks of the P5B ever since seeing one as the featured car on an episode of Wheeler Dealers. Mike Brewer described the car as having “rakish lines.”

The cars were powered by the 3.5-liter V-8 for which Rover acquired the rights to produce from Buick in 1965 and used until the 1990s. This motor had gross output ratings–how such metrics were reported until the change to net ratings in the early 1970s–of 181 HP/226 LB-FT of torque.

The heart wants what it wants.


I probably care less than you do about the status of the repairs to the Z06. Some parts were delivered on August 29th, but not all of them. The last of the necessary parts are scheduled to be delivered in a window from September 8th to……….September 22nd.

An irony in all of this is by the time I actually dispose of the Z06, I will have been a Corvette owner for more than ten years, but a Corvette driver for less than ten. I am so done with that car.









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Hall of Very Good Cars: Also Kicked Out Of An Ultimate Garage

First, I thank everyone who has been reading the blog lately. Both the last four days (Thursday-Sunday) and the last WordPress week (Monday-Sunday) had more views and visitors for any such time frames since February.

I guess I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but I am hard pressed to ascertain the reason(s) for the dramatic increase. (For example, views for the last week were 34% higher than the average of the previous four.) I suppose I should just be grateful, but that’s not in my nature.

Having a failure of our second floor HVAC system in the middle of an Arizona summer doesn’t help my mood, I guess. We had the entire system–AC unit, furnace, blower motor, coil–replaced last year. If it hadn’t been for the third strong thunderstorm in four days, I might not have been able to get any sleep at all, as opposed to the four hours of poor quality sleep I did manage. A relevant photo:



Not too long after I took this picture, the mountain disappeared in the rain. I wish I had a rain gauge because micro-climatic variations in this area are such that rainfall amounts for surrounding locations are not much of a guide as to how much rain we received at our house.


In light of the strong number of views and visitors for days in which the posts had little, if any, automotive content I am reluctant to write about cars today. Here goes…

This picture from this post reminded me of another car that once occupied a spot in one of my Ultimate Garages, but was not included in Ultimate Garage 3.0 last July.



The Facel Vega was a hybrid in the original meaning of the word in an automotive context. The chassis was designed by British race driver Lance Macklin, Facel owner and founder Jean Daninos (Facel was a French company) designed the body and the car had an American drivetrain: a Chrysler V-8 engine (a hemi from 1954 to 1958) and, usually, a Torqueflite automatic transmission. The car had three iterations: the Vega, the HK 500 and the Facel II.

Despite famous people like Tony Curtis and Ringo Starr owning a Facel Vega, the cars didn’t sell well enough to keep Facel afloat. The last Facel Vega was manufactured in September, 1964 and the company was liquidated in 1965.

I grant that the exterior design is, perhaps, a bit dated. However, I am still very much a fan of the Facel Vega. Just one is shown with a listed price (as opposed to “Inquire”) in Hemmings ads this morning; the asking price is $197,500.


On a more general topic, I remain curious about what content readers want to see. As long as the comments are civil, please feel free to express yourself truthfully. Thanks.







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