PS, PPS and Boo on Hemmings

From earlier today a series of comments, replies and replies within replies.



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Thanks, sir. I saw the Hemmings piece this morning. A sign of my malaise is that I just didn’t feel like contributing a comment even though I could have included a link to yesterday’s post. I wonder if it’s the damn awful weather we’re having here with dewpoints approaching 80°.


PS, I did submit a comment on the Hemmings piece about the C8 reveal that included a link to my post about it. Thanks again, 56packardman, for giving me a nudge.


PPS, Hemmings did not publish my comment. I can only surmise that since the post included a link to an AutoTrader listing they did the petty thing (I don’t mean Richard) and deleted without publishing. Boo on Hemmings! 🤬


Talk about small-minded…I think I will refrain from reading Hemmings for a while and I hope you will do the same.