Tuesday Tales

Feb 20th   3,897

Feb 21st    2,258

Feb 22nd   2,520

Feb 23rd  10,466

Feb 24th    3,113

Feb 25th      410


OK, what is he showing us now? According to my phone these are the number of steps I have taken each day since February 20th. My current illness manifests itself in the very low number for yesterday. I feel about as poorly as I ever have without having a fever. By the way, there actually is nothing magic about 10,000 steps as, like with calories, it’s not just the quantity that matters but also the quality. To walk 1,000,000 steps a year a person only has to average about 2,750 a day.

I have no idea how accurate my phone is at recording steps. I also do not carry the phone when I run so it underestimates my actual step count. When not under the weather or suffering the ill effects from some vaccination I run for 30-45 minutes, 3-4 days a week.

A week consists of 10,080 minutes. Excluding people who have a mitochondrial disorder or are prone to exercise-induced asthma, everyone else should be able to take 1%-1.5% of their week to exercise. Seventy percent of American adults do not exercise and seventy percent of American adults are overweight. I don’t think that’s just a coincidence.


More from Scottsdale (can’t believe we have been back for more than a month!):

Bogi Scottsdale 2019


This is a picture of the affable and adorable Bogi of the All Girls Garage TV show that airs on Motor Trend. Bogi, whose given first name is Sarah, owns an auto maintenance/repair shop in the Phoenix area.


This post is about this car:


From gorgeouscars.wordpress.com a picture of a 1970 Intermeccanica Italia. The C3 Corvette influence is obvious, but I also see the Ferrari 275 GTB in this car.

Intermeccanica was founded by Hungarian-born Canadian Frank Reisner in 1959. He died in 2001, but his son Henry is, apparently, still running the company. This car has its roots in the US Griffith/Apollo performance cars of the 1960s. I think the “stylist of record” is actually an American, Bob Cumberford. This car is an original hybrid, which for the nth time means a car with a mixed-country origin.


Sorry, but I’m running out of gas…




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