Frugal Friday Reset

First…I offer my sympathies to Tom Seaver’s family. Although he and his team were responsible for “breaking my heart” during the first World Series I ever watched (1969, Orioles/Mets), I developed great respect for him as a competitor. His friends and teammates always spoke of him as a good person.

In The New Bill James Historical Abstract Bill wrote this, “There is actually a good argument that Tom Seaver should be regarded as the greatest pitcher of all time.” Bill rated him sixth. Part of that argument is that only one of the five ahead of him, Warren Spahn, even pitched after World War II. Bill again, “Where Seaver rates relative to those pitchers, then, depends to a large extent on how steep one believes the incline of history to be. Since no one can say with confidence how much tougher the game has become, it is certainly reasonable to argue that the accomplishments of early pitchers should have been marked off by more than I have discounted them, and thus that Seaver’s record, in context, is more impressive than Walter’s.” [Walter Johnson, whom Bill ranked number one.]

The “New” Abstract was published in 2001; the “Original” one, published in 1985, is probably still the book I have read the most in my life, even though I haven’t looked at it in quite some time.

From a Mets website–as opposed to the Mets website–a picture of “Tom Terrific.”

See the source image


The “reset” to which I refer in the title of this post has more to do with pictures than with anything else. Bring a Trailer has become very aggressive at breaking links to pictures on its website. Other sites, such as AutoTrader, are either breaking links or taking down listings that are no longer valid, which means the picture link is no longer valid.

When reviewing the contents of my blog, which I do on a regular basis (it’s called OCD) nothing makes me as mad as seeing references to pictures that are no longer displayed. When I can, I fix the post and add another picture. Anyway, I am going to find a “generic” picture of the car being featured and try to verbally describe the actual car.

In addition, I am going to be less concerned about mixing up the list and just write about whatever car I want for Frugal Friday. I will still continue to keep a list of Frugal Friday cars (OCD, duh…), but will not be bound by how recently I have written about a similar car.

Originally, I wanted to write about a 1968 Dodge Charger today. That car just missed being included in Ultimate Garage 2.0 and might be in version 3.0, if I ever do that. I just couldn’t find a decent one for sale for under $50,000 and think that to be a Frugal Friday car at that price means it has to be a good example of a more exotic and more rare car. Dodge built almost 100,000 Chargers in 1968.

From a site called (no surprise it’s not secure) a picture of a…1997 Lincoln Mark VIII. Such a car is currently offered for sale in the state in which we hope to be living in the very near future for $4,995.

See the source image

The AutoTrader car is in Bright Toredor Red over Ivory. The car is advertised as having about 38,000 miles. Of course, I wrote about the Mark VIII here.

I mean how could you go wrong for five grand?! Although no Kelley Blue Book® value is listed, probably because these cars are not common, I really wouldn’t care if that value were $2,000. Here is a good-looking car with plenty of room for more than two passengers or for groceries for five grand. You know the car only has 38,000 miles, right? 🙂 It’s also probably not a slug as it weighs about 3,800 pounds and its engine produces 280 HP/285 LB-FT of torque, or at least that was the output when new.

Does anyone want to weigh in on this car? We would like to read your opinions.







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