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Even though October has more than a week left the number of views for Disaffected Musings has reached an all-time monthly high. The number of unique visitors set a new monthly “record” earlier in October.

Thanks to all of the Hemmings and Car and Driver readers who have visited here. Thanks to John Kraman (@CarKraman on Twitter), host of Mecum Auto Auctions, for following Disaffected Musings on Twitter. Thanks to 56packardman, BillBabowsky, C/2 and CV for reading and commenting on a regular basis.

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How else can I show my gratitude? Will this suffice?

A picture of the amazingly beautiful Cristy Lee from her website Too sexist? OK, how about this?


See the source image

From a picture of a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette restomod. I particularly like the color combination as I envision the exterior color for my restomod being a hybrid of teal and charcoal or teal and gray.

Even though I probably will not take possession of my restomod for 2-3 years, barring unforeseen circumstances, I have already finalized what I want in the car, more or less. It is often written that if a person writes down their goals those goals are more likely to be achieved. It is also said that a person can “jinx” themselves by expressing their goals too soon. From a practical perspective, until I can tap into my retirement accounts without penalty at age 59 1/2 this project cannot really start unless unforeseen circumstances make it possible for me to do so.

Do any of you think about building a restomod, whether or not you do the work yourself? If so, what kind of car? As I have written so many times that most of you are probably tired of reading it, I own a car for the purpose of driving it even if it’s just 3,000-4,000 miles a year. This is 2018; I don’t want a car with a carburetor, drum brakes, points-based ignition, bias-ply tires, or a single reservoir master cylinder. I’m going to insist on air bags for my restomod. I mean, they’re going to have to install a modern wiring harness, right? Why can’t I have at least four airbags (passenger front and side, driver front and side)?

If any of you saw the master list of features I would want in my restomod you wouldn’t believe it. I must have at least 100 items on there, most of which I will not be able to afford on my car. Oh well, maybe unforeseen circumstances will intervene, but I’m not holding my breath or I’d suffocate.

Thanks again for reading. Please feel free to let me know what I can do better, what topics you want to see, etc.