Musical Monday

Given my opinion that the phrase “current American music” is an oxymoron, I can also conclude that the definition of “music” is fungible. Here is music to my ears:

I think a supercharged engine has to overcome more inertia to start. I’m not an engineer or a physicist (help me out, Philip), but that makes sense to me.



Although the basement/media room/man cave doesn’t look like this anymore, this is a reminder that music, while not as important to me as it’s been for most of my life, will almost certainly continue to have a role in my story.



At the top of my musical pyramid (remember my OCD-fueled need to make order out of chaos) is the recording shown above. To me, Enigmatic Ocean actually transcends music; the recording is an otherworldly manifestation of the creative spirit. After being recorded in the summer of 1977, it was released in September of that year. Not surprisingly to me, it reached the #1 position on the Billboard Jazz album chart, also in 1977. What is a surprise is that it reached the #35 position on the Billboard Pop album chart. I do not think Enigmatic Ocean resembles the instrumental pop/smooth jazz idiom in any way; I think the ranking is merely a reflection of how great it is and how widespread the appeal.

When I was one of the hosts of a sports talk show on the Orioles’ flagship radio station in the mid-1980s, one of the continuing debates I had with the engineer was about whether or not jazz was not more popular simply because people weren’t exposed to it, or whether it was inherently unpopular because it was too complex for most listeners. I still think most people are not exposed to jazz, a shame because it is one of America’s native art forms, and that’s why it’s not as popular as it might be. The engineer didn’t agree. With satellite radio and streaming services, most people now live in music bubbles just like they live in political/social bubbles. At this point, jazz will continue to occupy a small musical niche.

Long live Enigmatic Ocean! Vive Jean-Luc Ponty!


Does stream of consciousness require consciousness??…as a follow-up to Hit The Pause Button, some chores cannot be avoided and so I was not “chore-less” for the rest of the day. Also, I still walked about two-thirds the number of steps that comprise my daily minimum despite no effort to walk just for the sake of walking.

What do you think of landau roofs on cars? My wonderful wife has dismissed this particular car because it has such a roof:



From AutoTrader a picture of a 2000 Cadillac Eldorado. The car still looks good to me, but I acknowledge a landau roof needs extra maintenance.

I wish I could make more order out of today’s chaos…








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