Wandering Wednesday

Shame on the United Nations! Maybe it’s time to defund them.


“But of course time after time the UN issues resolutions against Israel while ignoring countries that have much worse human rights and war-crimes records: North Korea, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Belarus, China, and Saudi Arabia, to name a few.”


How about these photos?!



I can assure these pictures were not Photoshopped as I don’t even know how to do that. The desert scenery still amazes me.


In this post I asked why ignition interlock systems designed to prevent drunk people from driving weren’t mandatory. Well, in this Hagerty piece I’ve been meaning to share for awhile, but that has slipped through the cracks, it is reported that “automobile manufacturers will be required, as early as 2026, to equip all new vehicles with monitoring systems designed to keep intoxicated persons from driving. Among the considerations are breathalyzer devices that prevent a vehicle from starting if the driver’s blood-alcohol level exceeds the legal limit, and infrared cameras (which GM and others already use for driver monitoring related to driver-assistance features like SuperCruise) that monitor driver behavior and look for signs of inattentiveness.”

You think that’s an unwarranted intrusion into your lives? Well, I think 10,000+ deaths every year in this country due to drunk drivers supersede your “freedom” to drive drunk.


Look what’s finally come home!



Almost three months after we took our 2015 Cadillac ATS to the body shop–and more than four months since the accident–we picked up the car yesterday. While we had a slightly unpleasant surprise in the guise of an extra $800 on the bill, for which the at-fault driver’s insurance company has supposedly already sent us a check, it is nice to have the car back. In all honesty, it looks better than when we purchased it almost a year ago (!) and my wonderful wife said it drove well.

Without “before” photos you have no frame of reference, but the repairs seem to be A-Plus. The rear of the car was severely damaged and it is almost impossible to detect any hint of that damage now. Of course, given the amount of the bill (>$18,000) the work should be very good. Actually, given the cost of the repairs I am very surprised the insurance company didn’t just total the car.








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