The Dreams Of Youth


I’m fairly certain this photo is from NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This picture is also part of the series that makes up the wallpaper on my desktop computer, the place where I research and compose the posts for Disaffected Musings.

When I was young I was VERY interested in science, in general, and in space in particular. I was glued to the TV during Gemini and Apollo missions. For a time I thought I wanted to be an astronomer. I am not brave enough to actually want to go into space and never thought about being an astronaut.

Ironically, one of the reasons my interest in science diminished somewhat as a teenager was the science classes I took in high school. Except for Physics, which I enjoyed immensely, the Chemistry and Biology classes were very boring. Of course, that could have been a function of the teachers. We didn’t have an Astronomy class, much to my chagrin.

I still very much enjoy watching shows about the universe although I don’t watch them nearly as often as I could. I just don’t watch TV a lot, anymore. My interest in science is either cause or effect for my lack of interest in virtually all fiction. To me, the real world is just much more interesting than a piece of fiction. That picture of Saturn is real; I can’t imagine anything more stunning coming from someone’s imagination.


Another dream of youth, this time from the remnants of the copy of The Golden Guide To Sports Cars that I purchased more than 50 years ago:



Although I don’t write about or show Mustangs very much in this blog I was a HUGE fan of them when I was young. Yes, I see the mistake in the bore size of the engine; it should be 4 inches and not 4.4.

You can understand why a numbers nerd like me would be fascinated by the table of numbers and why the rest of me would love the rendering of the beautiful car. While I lost the composition notebook with my notes on cars decades ago I do remember that one car featured prominently in that book was this one.

I did not want to be an auto mechanic like my father and I didn’t even have any awareness of car salesmen, not that I would have wanted to do that even if I had been aware, but somehow, even then, I longed for a connection greater than just driving. While I neither need nor want to work full-time, I would still love to work part-time or as a consultant for an auction house like Barrett-Jackson or Mecum, crunching numbers and writing. I have no illusions, though, about being able to make that happen. Even so, I think it’s good that some dreams outlive youth.







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