Two Z06 Years

First…if views of this blog are a proxy for the number of viewers of the current Barrett-Jackson auction, then that number increased from Wednesday to Thursday and again from Thursday to Friday. More specifically, views of Where Is Cristy Lee? followed that pattern. Overall, the total number of blog views yesterday was about 70 percent higher than the average since October, when blog views took another quantum leap up. Thanks for reading.


Incredibly, it was two years ago today that I took possession of my 2016 Corvette Z06. Overall, I have driven the car about 5,200 miles. In the 20 weeks we have lived in Arizona, I have driven the car about 1,400 miles. That means, so far, I am driving the car more here than before we moved, as I suspected would happen. Of course, I will show some photos of “The Red Rocket:”



So, do any of you think I should say “Damn The Powertrain Warranty” and schedule the engine work as soon as possible? I was waiting to be fully vaccinated, but by mid-April my wonderful wife and I will be at “maximum” immunity, barring some awful unforeseen event(s). The warranty expires in late July. The shop where I am very likely to take the car is booked 8-10 weeks out. Does it matter if I have the work done in late May or early June?

Even though I don’t need the work to be done, a life spent only doing the things that one needs to do is an unfulfilled and incomplete life, in my opinion.



After lunch yesterday, my wonderful wife and I went for a little drive. At one point, I made her stop the car so I could get out and take some pictures of our surroundings. The photo above is just one of those pictures. Once again, the view looked better in person than it does in this picture. In distilling the three-dimensional world into a two-dimensional picture, much can be lost.

By the way, even though we were probably no more than about ten miles from our house, the temperature where I took this picture (53°) was nine degrees colder than at our house (62°). It’s difficult for people who don’t live here to understand the dramatic changes in elevation in short distances and how much those changes can affect the weather. I would guess this was about 1,500 feet higher in elevation than where our house is.

Even though I might be singing a different tune in July when it’s 108° here, so far I am very happy with our new surroundings. I can certainly understand why the population of metro Phoenix has increased five-fold in the last 50 years.









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J’ai Fait Une Faux Pas

I am a very happily married man and am also about to “celebrate” a birthday that, for me, marks the passage into old age. Still, I notice women. One of those women is Laura Landis, a bidders assistant for Mecum and daughter of Mecum auctioneer Jimmy Landis. As I told Scott Hoke, I think she is adorable.

The first day of the auction I did something that I thought was “cute” at the time, but quickly realized it was a mistake, a misstep, a faux pas. As my wonderful wife and I walked to our seats we passed Laura Landis. I said, “Good morning, Laura” and kept walking without stopping to introduce myself. For the rest of the auction I tried not to make eye contact with her, but when I did I felt most uncomfortable. Oh well…


Here’s a photo having nothing to do with the auction:



It does rain in the desert, but that can also mean a double rainbow.

Here are some auction photos:



Most of you probably know the identity of these cars, but from top to bottom: a (1968) Dodge Charger, an AMC AMX (1969), a (2013) Ferrari 458 and a (2004) Cadillac XLR. With the possible exception of the 458 all of the other cars have been shown in this blog before. Hey, I like what I like and I know what I like. Of the 1,200 or 1,400 or whatever the number was of vehicles that crossed the block during the auction I probably only have photos of 40 or 50.

Here is another non-auction photo. I don’t think the picture really conveys the breathtaking nature of this view from Camelback Mountain, but here goes:



If you haven’t figured it out by now I think Arizona is beautiful and I am chomping at the bit to move there. I hope this coronavirus situation passes quickly and without doing lasting damage to the country and to the economy. Selfishly, anything that threatens to delay or to derail the move is most unwelcome.







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