Arizona Cars

Our Corvettes are finally registered in Arizona. Since my car’s model year is prior to 2018 it had to pass an emissions inspection first.

We dutifully drove to the nearest inspection station only to be greeted with a barricade and handwritten sign that the station was temporarily closed. We later learned that an outbreak of the damn virus had affected the staff.

We drove about 15 miles to another station and 35 minutes after arriving the Z06 had passed. Like many businesses, the inspection station had Help Wanted signs that indicated a sign-on bonus would be paid (in this case, $1,000). Another 15 mile drive to the DMV office where we had an appointment and both cars are now Arizona cars. We actually left the office with the task completed at the original time of our appointment. My wonderful wife had the good foresight to make the appointment and that served us well. The walk-in line was very long.

The initial cost to title the cars here was far less than I had been led to believe, but the annual cost of registration is more than 10 times what it had been in the mid-Atlantic. Everything is a tradeoff…

I am toying with the idea of a “vanity” plate for the Z06, but am struggling to think of what it should read. Maybe I shouldn’t bother.


Of course, Arizona cars can mean this:



And now, this:






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