Get Used To It

Rule #1: Life isn’t fair.

Rule #2: Get used to Rule #1.

Sometimes it is actually the little annoyances that remind me of the fact that life isn’t fair, even if those annoyances are overcome quickly. This morning, for example, my new desktop computer (less than a year old) did not want to finish booting up. The time in the lower right corner was frozen and the set of pictures I use as the wallpaper was stuck on one photo. After imagining the end of my computer and thinking about if I wanted to buy another one, I decided to power down and then turn the computer on again. The fact that I am writing this post is proof that everything seems to be working now.

As I have described myself in the past, I am neither a glass half-full nor glass half-empty person, but a person who doesn’t even see the glass. I realize that I don’t have the most optimistic of outlooks on life. However, when a big chunk of your life is far less than satisfactory then even small annoyances make it feel like life is piling on. I cannot describe how incensed I become when I hear someone say that everyone gets what “they deserve.” That’s a pile of sh*t. No one can even know what someone else “deserves.”

By the way, I did not “invent” the life rules at the beginning of the post. They have been attributed to Bill Gates, but apparently were not first uttered by him (if at all), but by someone named George Sykes, if reader Carl Peters is correct.


Even though I am not a big FoMoCo fan I must note that on this day in 1964 the Ford Mustang was unveiled at the New York World’s Fair. More than ten million Mustangs later the car is still with us and, in fact, is the sole car in its company’s portfolio. #SaveTheCar


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From a picture of the Ford Mustang at the 1964 World’s Fair.


Have any of you seen the movie Apollo 13? On this day in 1970 the crippled Apollo 13 spacecraft returned safely to Earth. Even though I know what happened and have seen the movie based on the mission many times, I am still affected when the command module appears on the screen with its parachutes deployed near the end of the movie. If you’re interested you might want to read Lost Moon by Apollo 13 commander Jim Lovell. From a picture of the Apollo 13 service module with one of its panels missing as a result of the explosion that forced NASA to abort the moon landing and that put the lives of the Apollo 13 crew in danger:


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