(Lots Of) Pictures For A Sunday

First…as I have “confessed” I have rejoined Twitter. It is failing, once again, as a source of blog traffic. Still, every now and then I see a tweet I like. @DocBastard claims to be a trauma surgeon. Of course, I have no idea if that’s true, but this tweet really spoke to me:


Dear antivax parents,


-You do not know The Truth.

-You have not discovered things Doctors Don’t Tell You.

-You have not done research.

-You are not better than everyone else.

-You are not holistic.

-You are not special.

-You are not “woke.”


What you are is wrong.


I will add that I would apply this message to all anti-vaxxers, not just anti-vaxxer parents.


Yesterday, my wonderful wife and I spent much of the day at the Goodguys gathering at Westworld in Scottsdale. I took some photos, to say the least. I also have my first sunburn in decades. Was it worth it? Probably not, but it is what it is.

Last weekend, we went to another car gathering in Scottsdale and, of course, I took pictures. That event didn’t have anywhere near the volume of cars as Goodguys, but had a higher percentage of cars in which I have interest as I am not a hot rod guy and those made up a large percentage of the cars from yesterday. Also, cars shown at this Goodguys event could not be any newer than model year 1987. Without further ado, some pictures from both events, not in any order.



I took many more photos than I have shown here. Now that we are more than two weeks past our second vaccine shot, we will be attending events like this even though most people are not wearing masks at them. Still, we’re fully vaccinated, the events are outdoors and we are keeping our distance. I must admit, though, that while we wore masks for the event last weekend, we did not wear them all the time yesterday. Maybe I should have worn a mask around my neck so I wouldn’t have received such a sunburn…






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