Friday 90


I am aware of the news from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Honestly, I have no reaction.


I am EXTREMELY angry that WordPress, without any warning, has forced me into using their new editor. Have they ever heard of the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

I don’t want to use “blocks” and I don’t want to see a stupid plus sign in a box after every hard return. I am so discombobulated that I’m not sure I can even finish this post.


After today, 2020 has just 90 days remaining. OK, Captain Obvious, why are you mentioning that? Well, something about a period of 90 days seems formal. “You have 90 days to vacate the premises.” “We have 90 days to exercise the option.”

I…just can’t finish this post. The change to the new editor is simply too much for me to handle today.