Throwback Thursday, Throwback To Where

Originally, I was going to call this post Throwback Thursday, A Tale Of Two Cities. I was going to write about the city in which I was born and the city in which I currently live.

The former has experienced a 37 percent decline in its population in my lifetime, while the population of the latter has increased by 2,474 percent. No, that is not a typo. People vote with their feet, remember.

In the end, however, I just didn’t think I could write a post about the topic that would appeal to me or to my readers. Still, here’s a photo that has some relevance today:



I believe this picture of a December, 1960 snowfall is from The Baltimore Sun. Of course, the Northeast has just seen its first major snow event in 2-3 years although I think Baltimore was mostly spared. No, I’m not sorry we missed the storm because we moved and no, we were not living in the Baltimore area.

The only constant in the world is change. For most of my life I have loved snow, probably in large part due to the fact that a significant snowfall would get me out of school. I also do not remember ever having to make up any snow days.

Then, seemingly in the space between one winter and the next in my mid-50s, I lost my affinity for winter and its weather. It was sunny and 63° here yesterday. I have seen more cloudless skies here in the six weeks or so since we left the mid-Atlantic for good than I would see there in a year.

Yes, I know it will be very hot here next summer. That’s a price I gladly pay for the weather the rest of the year. My wonderful wife says the summers never bothered her when she lived here from the mid-1980s through the mid-1990s. Still, I’m very glad we just spent a significant amount getting our HVAC system up to snuff. (Does that phrase show my age?)

I would like to read about any major changes in your preferences during your lives, whether or not it’s related to weather or the seasons.


Do you think you would want to own a car that could reach 300 MPH? According to this article, renowned car builder Hennessey (headquartered in Texas) will build (is building?) a car called the Venom F5 that can reach 500 KM/hour or 311 MPH. From the article, a picture of the car:



The Venom F5 is powered by an original Hennessey engine, the “Fury” V-8, which is a 6.6 liter, twin-turbo motor that can produce over 1,800 HP and about 1,200 LB-FT of torque. Only 24 of these will be made at a price of $2.1 million each. Here is a remark by John Hennessey:


“This car goes against the grain of modern hypercars, many of which have become soft and docile. The F5 resets the balance, having been designed from the ground up to be the antithesis of the ‘everyday hypercar’ – it will always be an occasion to drive.”


I find that comment to be very interesting. In my opinion, a car that can reach 225+ MPH, like some cars that have been produced in the last 10-20 years, cannot be described as docile, even if they are smooth to drive at normal speeds.

I am reluctant to ask if you would be interested in buying a Venom F5 assuming you could afford it because I really believe that people don’t know what they would do in an “out-of-context” situation until they are experiencing it. Still, it’s an interesting question to ponder, at least as sort of a cerebral exercise.







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