Yes, it’s 2019. The increasingly swift passage of time is quite unnerving.


As I have stated before I am a numbers nerd. Here is a chart with the percentage of total views by month for Disaffected Musings not counting the partial month of January, 2018:

Feb, 2018 3.5%
Mar, 2018 3.8%
Apr, 2018 4.8%
May, 2018 6.9%
Jun, 2018 9.1%
Jul, 2018 7.2%
Aug, 2018 6.5%
Sep, 2018 7.0%
Oct, 2018 17.1%
Nov, 2018 21.4%
Dec, 2018 12.7%

You can see why I was disappointed with the number of views for December as that number was 40% lower than for November. The one bright spot for December was that it was the month with the most comments.


I think I am really getting ornery with advancing age. This Hemmings article is about a 1951 Maserati that will be offered for sale next this month at the Bonhams auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here is a picture of the car, I hope:

From Hemmings and Bonhams.

Anyway, the point I want to make is that I posted a comment I could hardly believe came from me:


Yes, this ’51 Maserati is beautiful, etc. While I believe that money one has legally earned, legally saved and legally invested belongs to them and it is not for me or anyone else to tell them how to spend that money (legally), I can’t get excited about a car I cannot remotely afford. Let me add that my wonderful wife and I are not poor.

Much in the same way that I think that huge amounts of money have ruined pro sports, I think that these cars make the collector car hobby far less enjoyable. One reason is that people start to think that their “collector” car is worth far more than is the “truth.”


Maybe I’m just extra depressed because it’s “the holidays.” Every year that passes is one lost forever, one less opportunity to accomplish something fulfilling.

What do you think about these multi-million dollar cars? Are they even relevant to most of us? Like the market for all goods, the demand/price for one can affect the same for others. For example, as original 1960s Cobras skyrocketed in price, the price of Sunbeam Tigers (a “substitute” good, remember your Econ 101/102) began to climb dramatically. Of course, the “market” for collector cars is actually many markets.


Happy New Year!





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