Not counting Puerto Rico as a separate country (WordPress does) people in 20 different countries have read this blog. I think that’s amazing especially given I have no other social media presence (and never will) and the blog is barely three months old. The US accounts for 95% of page views with Canada and Israel tied for second.

What are the best books you’ve ever read? These days, if the topic is not automobiles or finance I can’t seem to concentrate enough to read a book, but I used to read all sorts of non-fiction. I am a fan of Tim Harford (The Undercover Economist, The Logic of Life).

Which of these do you prefer?

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From carswithmuscles.com, cargurus.com and greatcarwallpapers.blogspot.com are pictures of a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro (top), a 1968 Camaro (middle) and a 1969 Camaro (bottom).

Which one do you like best? I know I could add a poll, but I’d rather compel you to send a comment. Me? I like them all and maybe one day I’ll own one, but I like the 1968 the best. I’m not crazy about the vent window in the 1967 and I like the more aggressive curve of the 1967-68 rear fender compared to the slightly flatter look on the 1969.

My first college roommate owned a legitimate 1969 Z-28. It was black with white stripes and had the high-winding 302 cubic inch V-8, rated at 290 HP, but closer to 340-350 in reality. He and I would cruise around campus doing first-gear bouncies in our muscle cars; I had a 1967 Pontiac GTO. Those cruises seem like another lifetime ago. Carpe Diem!