In Or Out? Etc.

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This In Or Out? car was suggested by Dirty Dingus McGee. I took a little artistic license, though. From Barrett-Jackson a picture of a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S fastback:


See the source image


This car hammered for $25,300 all in at their Reno auction in 2014. That venue is no longer used as they moved the June auction to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut in 2016.

I am a fan of the looks of the second generation Barracuda although I prefer the notchback coupe best among the three available body styles. This Barrett-Jackson car was equipped with the 340 cubic-inch V-8 and a Torqueflite automatic transmission. The 340 was rated 275 HP and 340 LB-FT of torque. The Formula S package included, besides the Commando engine, heavy-duty suspension and wheels, firm-ride shocks, E70-14 Red Streak tires, low-restriction dual-exhaust, front fender badges and special hood inserts.

OK, kind people…second-generation Barracuda Formula S, In Or Out? Once again, if this car fails to receive at least five votes, then In Or Out? will be discontinued. Thanks.







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