More From Elegance At Hershey 2019

I guess I am being a hypocrite when I complain that a beautiful 1934 Packard finished second for Best Of Show at the Elegance at Hershey 2019. I didn’t vote for a Packard as my favorite car, either.



This 1962 Ferrari 250GT California Spyder was my choice. However, I ALMOST voted for this car, instead.



How about that last paragraph from the catalog copy?! “The Speedster line was not advertised and quietly disappeared without fanfare; most Packard dealers weren’t even aware it was available!” 145 horsepower from a 1930 model year car was quite impressive. For example, the top HP from any Chrysler engine that year was 100; the Ford Model A, the only car offered by FoMoCo in 1930, was powered by a 40-HP engine.

As for the venue, my wonderful wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Hotel Hershey. The property is beautiful and the staff were unfailingly polite and helpful. Here is a view of part of the show field for the Elegance.



Sharp-eyed readers might notice a Tucker without suicide doors. That is, indeed, the Tin Goose prototype, one of two Tuckers shown this year. While a little more than half of the Elegance cars were from 1903-1938 that means almost half were post-World War II.

I would very much like to read feedback about the Elegance or any other topic. I am disappointed that no one has written about the change in the blog header photo from a single picture to a random assortment of multiple pictures.








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