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Recently, I have been mentioning my Ultimate Garage 2.0, which was posted last May/June. Here are all of the relevant links:


The Cars That Missed The Cut, Part One

The Cars That Missed The Cut, Part Two

Car #1

Car #2

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Car #4

Car #5

Car #6

Car #7

Car #8

Car #9

Car #10

Car #11


Yes, I am aware of the saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Nevertheless, please feel free to click on as many of these links as you want.


From this post comes this picture of a beautiful 1954 Kaiser Special:




Anything with Richard Langworth involved is worth reading.


Although the annual January Scottsdale auctions are over for 2020, here is a post on how to buy a car at an auction. Interestingly, the author’s name is Andy Reid. Here is his first and most important tip:


“First and foremost, I would not ever recommend buying at auction if you have never attended a classic car auction before. There is a lot to know and it is very easy for a first-time auction attendee to get excited and bid more for a car than it is worth.”


My wonderful wife and I attended multiple Barrett-Jackson and Mecum auctions before I ever bid on a car. I think that is very sound advice. I knew how much I wanted to bid and I didn’t forget about the buyers premium. Remember this car?



This 2014 Corvette “Custom” was offered at the 2019 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, which we attended. I knew what my max bid would be and I didn’t deviate. My maximum bid was $65,000 ($71,500 all in) and the car hammered for $70,000 ($77,000 all in). The same scenario occurred the next day on a 2015 Z06 convertible. In the end, it worked out for the best as I found my 2016 Z06 a couple of months later and paid much less.

I’m virtually certain my wonderful wife and I will attend automobile auctions in the future. The experience of having attended many times before is quite valuable.

I would like to read about your car auction experiences.








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