Photo Dump

A rather inelegant post title, but so be it. I find that many of the photos that I think are so great in the moment I take them are actually not so great when I look at them later. I took a lot of pictures at the AACA Museum during our recent trip, but many of them are just meh. Anyway, here are most of the good ones that I have not yet posted.



We all thought this ’31 Stude President was breathtaking and not in a Seinfeld kind of way. Once again (and again), I think photos like this are not designed to be viewed on a smartphone screen.



Obviously, this is a 1937 Studebaker State President Coupe.



This is a 1930 Cord L-29. Currently, the car is not on display in the main museum building, but is in the “overflow” building. The AACA Museum hasn’t always made this building available for public viewing, but now offers access for an extra fee. The fee is well worth it, in my opinion.



Also in the overflow building a 1938 Lincoln Model K convertible that my wonderful wife just loves. It is quite a car to behold.



This is Tucker #1001. The AACA Museum has a permanent exhibit on the Tucker automobile. Three cars are displayed and one of the replicas made for the movie about Preston Tucker is also there. In addition, the exhibit has blueprints, advertising, etc.

Museums—and not just automobile museums—are closing all over the country. Sorry, kiddos but the virtual world does not equal the real one.












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