I Wasn’t Going To Post Today, But…

Some say/believe that success is temporary, but failure is permanent.


I don’t know if I have written about the horrible experiences we have had with a local HVAC contractor, the one supposedly rated “Number One” in the area for the last ten years. Where do I begin?

First, the idiots…uh, I mean crew who installed the new HVAC system on the south side of the house last month took 14 hours to do the job. We were told it was a 6-8 hour job. They were two hours late on the first day and three hours late on the second.

We were promised certain “things” by people who, as it turned out, were not in a position to promise anything. Only by being a very squeaky wheel was I able to get the company to provide at least some of the promised items.

The last time we used the heater it began to make a terrible noise. We called the company and they sent a tech who, supposedly, fixed the problem.

For a few weeks we didn’t need to run the heater or the AC. The first three months of the year here were the coldest first quarter of a year since at least the 1960s. We used a space heater to warm the master bedroom instead of running the HVAC system. We have not had too many days even above 85° and since the air is still dry, after sunset the temps fall rapidly.

With the promise of 2-3 consecutive days reaching the 90s I decided to run the AC late yesterday afternoon just as a test. Almost immediately, a horrifying noise and shudder began emanating from the wall common to the master bedroom and master closet. Above the closet is the attic space where the air handler, blower motor, coil and furnace for the new HVAC system sit.

I called the company and about three hours later a company tech did arrive. He wanted me to show him where the AC condenser was, but I told him the sound was coming from inside the house, not outside.

Long story short, the idiots, and I mean idiots, who did the original install of the new system placed the drain lines and the copper line set on top of the drain pan and the sprinkler system lines in the attic. (By Arizona building code, any home constructed in at least the last 25-30 years has to have a built-in fire suppression system.) When the blower motor ran, the vibrations caused the entire system to shake violently.

Of course, today is Saturday and no one can fix the problem until Monday at the earliest (not that I’ve actually heard from anyone from the company because today is Saturday). Of course, tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far with high temperatures reaching 93°-95°. It’s a good thing we’re at (roughly) 3,000 feet in elevation because the high temp at the large airport in the area is supposed to be 102° tomorrow.

The tech who was here until 9 PM last night hinted that this company has had a major shake-up and hired as many new, but experienced techs as possible. Still, that doesn’t fix the problem caused by the incompetents sent by the company to do the original install.

As I have written, at my age and since we are not poor, time and avoiding stress are more important than money. This company has taken away time I can never get back and has caused stress that has manifested itself in physical symptoms. As I have aged, my ability to tolerate stress has diminished significantly.


That’s all for today. Can someone please send us some good luck?!






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