Most of the details have been lost, but I had a dream last night that I received a large mailing from a medical practice. Among the contents of this mailing were a letter explaining that I had been overbilled for services and a check for the amount: $5,300.

No, I have no idea why my brain generated that exact figure, but I can tell you that it might as well have been for $53 million; that’s how excited I was in the dream to have received this money.

I do think this dream was related to receiving the following yesterday:



This magazine was in an envelope that was inside a large mailer. When we picked up the Maserati we were told that any additional items pertaining to the car would be mailed to us at a later date. In addition, given that the first time I bought something at a Mecum auction I received a check 2-3 weeks later for a rebate because I had “overpaid” taxes, I was hoping for a similar rebate again.

I don’t recall ever having received this publication before. Perhaps I received it now because I purchased a car at a Mecum auction.


No, I have no idea what is going to transpire in tonight’s first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. No, I do not know what the resolution of Lamar Jackson’s “situation” will be.

I can tell you that Jackson seems to me to be less than intelligent. He seems to be obsessed with one contract, the ill-advised move by the Cleveland Browns to fully guarantee $230 million over five years to serial molester DeShaun Watson.

None of the other quarterback contracts signed after Watson’s have been fully guaranteed and all have had less guaranteed money, including the one just signed by Jalen Hurts, starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. You know, one of the teams that played in the most recent Super Bowl.

Yes, Lamar Jackson was the unanimous choice as NFL Most Valuable Player in 2019. Yes, the Baltimore Ravens have a very good record in regular-season games he has started. However, the Ravens are just 1-3 (one win, three losses) in playoff games he has started, he has missed 11 games, including a playoff game, in the past two seasons due to injury, and–in the world of football–2019 was a long time ago.

As I have written before, I believe that championship NFL quarterbacks play primarily from the pocket and beat you more with their arm and their brain than with their legs. The read-option offense exposes quarterbacks to too many hits, in my opinion.

I am reasonably certain that an NFL team will eventually win the Super Bowl using read-option concepts. Still, the next team to do so will be the first.


[UPDATE: This afternoon the Ravens announced that they had reached an agreement on a 5-year contract extension with Lamar Jackson. Whether or not that was a prudent move remains to be seen, but kudos to all parties involved for keeping it a secret almost until the very end.]


I have always wanted to visit the Auburn Cord Duesenberg (ACD) Museum in Auburn, Indiana. One “dream trip” for me and my wonderful wife would be to stay somewhere in northeast Indiana that would enable us to visit that museum, the Studebaker Museum and the Gilmore Museum.

This Hemmings piece is about the beginning of the restoration of the ACD Museum building. From the museum via Hemmings is this photo:



The museum is trying to raise $5 million to cover the cost of a massive preservation and restoration effort. So far, they have raised about half that amount. I am thinking about making a donation and wish I were in a position to donate a big chunk of the remaining amount.

If you’re a fan of museums, any type of museum, visit and/or donate to them. With the idiotic push to “virtual” reality (a true oxymoron), the damn virus, and the epidemic of temporal arrogance, many museums around the US have closed.








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2 thoughts on “$5,300

  1. “If you’re a fan of museums, any type of museum,”

    It’s probably not much of a secret that I like car and motorcycle museums. I would always seek out one or more when I was traveling. In 2019 we were on a project in LA and I squeezed in a trip to the Petersen. While in LA, one of our employees had a medical problem so after a hospital stay we flew him home. As there are certain requirements for towing our trailers, DOT medical card, insurance co approval, etc. I ended up driving our rig back home. As I had been the southern route, I-10 and I-20, I decided to go up the west coast to I-40 which mostly parallels old route 66. While driving I saw a sign for a local car museum. Not being in a rush to get back home, I stopped at it. Maybe 30 cars, IIRC. Got back on the road and maybe 50 miles later a sign for a different one. Stopped there also. Ended up stopping at I think a total of 8 on my trip. To me, they were just as enjoyable as any large museum.

    I could only hope to get a rebate from all these doctors and labs that are vacuuming my wallet, all I ever get are bills. 😦


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