Tribal Tuesday

In mankind’s hunter/gatherer/wanderer phase, people who were too trusting of those not in their group often didn’t live long enough to pass down their DNA. Human beings are tribal, always have been, always will be.

Social media exacerbates tribalism by allowing/forcing people into bubbles of those with similar outlooks, but the tribalism long predates modern society and its evil spawn, social media.


The title of this CNBC article is something I hope will soon be true. “‘Crypto is dead in America,’ says longtime bitcoin bull Chamath Palihapitiya.”

His belief is primarily based on increasing SEC enforcement of the crypto “industry.” Palihapitiya also remarked, “The United States authorities have firmly pointed their guns at crypto.”

Once again, I believe that crypto is electronic tulip bulbs, way too volatile to be a medium of exchange or an investment. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Abruptly switching gears to pro football, the NFL Draft does begin the day after tomorrow, I wanted to share this remark by Zac Robinson, former NFL quarterback and current quarterback coach.


“Ultimately, the game is still won from the pocket. You gotta be able to make throws from the pocket, and I don’t think that’s ever going to change, but that added element of being able to use your legs is always going to be a luxury. But I do think when you look at the top guys, they still can make those throws from the pocket, and it’s what makes those other guys really special, the Herberts, the Mahomes, the Josh Allens, the Burrows.”


Other than not being a fan of saying or writing “the Herberts” when referring to Justin Herbert, I totally agree with Robinson. The quarterback with seven Super Bowl rings was not a read-option running QB, but a player who–from the pocket–made the right reads and threw the ball accurately and on time. Besides, the more often a quarterback, or any player, is a ball carrier the more often he will be exposed to violent hits from defenders. Why do you think the average career for a running back is three seasons? My 2¢.


Yes, I still hate squirrels even though the tree variety doesn’t exist in Arizona. This Twitter ad for a squirrel-resistant bird feeder made me smile.



standard catalog of® of Cadillac is my newest book acquisition. The reason I am writing about it is that, unlike every other book in the series I own, this book is published on glossy paper to accommodate the color photos. Here is an example:



No, it’s not a coincidence that the pages shown display photos of 1967-68 Eldorados. While barring a financial windfall such a purchase is years away, I do have quite the affinity for these cars–the ’67 was a member of my Ultimate Garage 2.0–and buying one is on my albeit distant radar screen.


Speaking of Cadillac, this post from Mac’s Motor City Garage is titled, “The Engine That Changed Everything: Secrets Of The 1949 Cadillac V-8.” In its current state as somnolent appendage to General Motors, it is easy to forget that Cadillac has a long history of innovation, from the first fully electric starter/generator, to the first genuine automatic transmission it developed with Oldsmobile, to the engine that is the subject of the linked piece: the first modern, overhead-valve, oversquare (bore > stroke) motor.

From standard catalog of® of Cadillac a picture of a 1949 Cadillac:



I have been a fan of Cadillac ever since my father purchased a 1965 DeVille convertible, which was the first car I ever saw with power windows and power locks. (Yes, I have written this before. Indulge an old man.)

As you may remember, my wonderful wife and I owned a Cadillac, a 2015 ATS coupe. We really liked the car, but its being severely damaged in an accident took the bloom off the rose. So many CARS, just one life.








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6 thoughts on “Tribal Tuesday

  1. You may have your ’67 Eldorado. Dependent upon a serious cash windfall, I would prefer the ’49 Cadillac, preferably in black. Restored and/or restomod is open to question at the moment.

    The Cadillac DeVille had some of the best horns of any American made car, ever. Their four note horns were music to the ears of any real car lover. As such, I found on eBay a set, including the electric relay and that shall be the horn of my F-1 Lightning project truck. Any current horn or aftermarket horn is junk and not worth the effort to install.

    “…I believe that crypto is electronic tulip bulbs…”
    I believe that some of your readers, ignorant of history, would fail to understand your description of crypto.


    1. Well, regarding Eldorado preferences, different strokes for different folks.

      Sadly, you are right about some readers not understanding the tulip bulb reference. Their loss…


  2. Squirrels, AKA tree rats.

    I might have told this before, but years ago I declared a jihad on tree rats. In an out building I had I had put some insulation in. One evening I was inside of it and could hear some “scratching”. After a bit I realized it was coming from the ceiling/roof. Tree rats had gnawed their way in and were between the paper of the insulation and the roof. Used my trusty Crossman 760 BB gun to run that one out. After investigating I found that the thieving bastards had stolen the fiberglass insulation material from roughly 5 runs of insulation. I figured that somewhere in the woods around where I lived, there was a giant pink tree rat condo.

    It was at that point I decided “all tree rats must die”. I have only changed my opinion slightly since. If they stay away from my stuff, I won’t kill them. Periodically I have to remind some that my buildings, cars, etc, are off limits.


    1. My wonderful wife used to work with a former policeman. He had a large lot in upstate New York. One day, he received a horrible call that his beautiful barn had burned down, a $50,000 loss. The results of the investigation were that a furry rat with a tail had chewed through insulation and started the fire. From that point forward, if my wife’s co-worker saw such vermin on his property, they were quickly dispatched with a firearm.


  3. Phillip,

    Displacement in the Harley/Indian race is; Harley 131 cubic inches, Indian 112. The reason for the difference is in the engine design, The Harley has water cooled heads, the Indian fully water cooled. There are also differences in the engine bore/stroke ratio with the Indian having a shorter stroke. The horsepower and torque outputs are quite similar, albeit at different points in the powerband. Both run with max rpm of around 7K, I think 6800 for the Harley, 7200 for the Indian. Last year the Indian won the series in dominating fashion, this year the Harley’s seem to have the advantage.

    The races are kind of short, around 20 minutes. I would imagine that throwing around a 650 pound motorcycle at the speeds they are running, will wear you out pretty quick.Having an older model of the Harley that is being raced, I kind of know how it feels throwing one around on twisty roads, albeit at far slower speeds. It is a far different feel than my BMW K series, that weighs some 200 pounds less. The BMW has far less torque, but over 1/2 again the horsepower and at a far higher rpm. Both are fun to ride, you just have to adjust to the way the power is delivered.


    1. DDM,
      It is always fun to analyze how different engines produce power and why. The big V-twins of Harley and Indian are power monsters compared to others. I have a friend who used to ride Harley and since has changed to BMW. Yes, throwing around a big Harley would sap my energy quickly. I would much prefer you BMW K series, especially since the flat horizontal four has such a low center of gravity. My friend was surprised at how much his riding style changed from the Harley to the BMW.

      My high school years were spent delivering newspapers on my Cushman Eagle motorschooter. Just like a motorcycle except with small wheels. I threw that flathead powered beast around a lot. My years in the USAF and after going back to engineering school were spent riding a 1972 Honda 500 Four equipped with a Vetter fairing. Pending a big cash influx, my choice would be a Ducati 900 Super Sport desmo V-T-twin. Old man with old ideas of motorcycles.

      Next time you spell my name, please shorten the time your finger is on the L key. I spell my name with one L. No offense taken on my part as I have spent a lifetime reminding everybody that I know better than to spell my name with two L. Just like my daughter Marybeth has to tell people that her name is one word, small b.


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