Sheer Joy In A Maserati

After my trip to the bathroom at 3 AM yesterday my nose was too stuffy and my stomach too empty for me to return to sleep. A little saline spray and some Cheerios and I was ready for the day.

I had a most pleasant time attending the monthly Penske Cars and Coffee with my new friend and neighbor, Bert. Incredibly, the only photo I took was inside the Penske Museum.



I am not really a fan of automobile racing, but I am a fan of miniatures. I guess the latter won out.


My wonderful wife and her father went on a local Home and Garden tour, something that didn’t interest me in the least. At about 11 AM I decided I needed to get a second breakfast/snack and since the Maserati needed gas, anyway, that’s what I drove.

After putting 81 dollars worth of gas in the car–probably the most I’ve ever spent in one fill-up–I enjoyed some food and drink at the closest Starbucks. After I was finished, I decided not to take the most direct route home.

While driving north on one of the “major” such thoroughfares around here I was overcome by a feeling of sheer, unadulterated joy. Frankly, such feelings have become all too rare in my life. Since the career apocalypse of October, 2010 my mood has generally been poor, but not yesterday in the Maserati.

For many people a car is just an instrument to get them from A to B. They are entitled to their perspective, but for me an automobile is something to enjoy, whether it’s looking at it or driving it. Once again, here is an instrument for happiness, at least yesterday.



Yes, I am biased, but that sure is a good-looking car. It’s also a blast to drive.

Hope you find some joy on your Sunday.






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11 thoughts on “Sheer Joy In A Maserati

  1. People who don’t enjoy an occasional, or regular, drive just for the sheer enjoyment should not be trusted around family members. JK. 🙂

    While the majority of the driving any of us do is for non enjoyment reasons, you have to have some that are just for fun. No Interstate, no city traffic, just some open roads and your vehicle of choice.

    When my head needs some serious maintenance, I hop on one of my bikes and head up into the mountains. There are some roads that are reminiscent of the famous Tail of the Dragon, but far lesser known. A couple hours of full concentration on the road, a stop for some BBQ, maybe even a cigar, does wonders to get the world back on an even keel for me.

    As always, YMMV


  2. I don’t remember when I learned of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, but I believe achieving joy is related to one tangentially. My late aunt had very little materially, but achieved great joy from winning on scratch off tickets and smoking cigarettes until her nineties.
    May we all discover and achieve that which takes us to our “Joyous Lake”.


  3. The first year my wife and I were married I was stationed at the former Bergstrom AFB in Austin, TX. It is now the city airport. On Saturdays she had to work her job at the doctor’s office which left me free to do something. My choice was to spend my mornings riding my Honda 500cc Four motorcycle off on the roads around Austin. Just me and the bike. How I miss my motorcycle. My bucket list includes, after a lottery win, another motorcycle, preferably a Ducati 900 Desmo twin.

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