Life Lament

I can do many things well except, apparently, to create the opportunity to be paid and recognized for doing many things well.



I received this “award” many years ago. The tape hides my name and the exact year.

Speaking of the University of Delaware, it was almost exactly four years ago that I spoke in front of teachers participating in the “Economics, Dinner And A Movie” series, created by the school’s center of economic education and entrepreneurship. The movie, of course, was “Moneyball.” That was the first and remains the only time I’ve seen the film. I mean, I lived it. Risking breaking my arm patting myself on the back, here are some of the opinions of my talk offered to the center. Obviously, when I write [the speaker] I am referring to myself.


“Great movie & great speaker!  Will come again.”

“This was an excellent opportunity to see how data is used to prove a point.”

“Many students can be engaged when the topics of sports is included.  The idea of how economics impacts sports especially, with analytics becoming integral, was interesting.  Activities around this info could definitely be developed.”

“Going to use MONEYBALL when teaching allocation of resources and cost-benefit analysis along with opportunity cost.”

“I enjoyed learning about how stats are used in real life.  I can use the info from the PD to help my students make decisions or as an offer of opportunities for the future.”

“I want about 3 more hours to hear [the speaker] talk!  Outstanding event.”

“[The speaker] was fantastic.  Could listen to him for a 2 hour lecture.”

“Very enjoyable and realistic way to look at data.”

“Awesome topic – interesting to think of sports from an economic / mathematical standpoint!”

“Loved it!  One of the best things I’ve done.”

“Thank you!  This was an amazing evening.”

“I have always been baffled by the whole idea of organized professional sports – I wasn’t sure if I would ‘get’ MONEYBALL but I did!  [The speaker] is funny, down to Earth and has a great sense of humor.  Thank you for this opportunity!”


A note to me from one of the members of the center read, “as you can see you definitely had an impact on the teachers.” Explain again why I was unable to establish an interesting and fulfilling post-baseball career. Oh yes, I forgot: this is the US, drowning in hyper-credential-ism, woke, political correctness and age discrimination.


Good news to report on Good Friday. Let me write that I mean no disrespect to those of you who observe this day as a holiday.

The Maserati passed its emissions inspection! I lost a bet with my wonderful wife that, once again, I was glad to lose. This time the payoff was much lower than the bet I lost about the Goose Bumps house; I had to buy breakfast.

My “car guy,” whose crew will see the Maserati on Tuesday, texted me, “The sheer fact that it passed out of the box at its age is a great indication of the car’s life care.” That was most encouraging to read.



By the way, I have not yet heard from the Better Business Bureau or the Ford dealer where I bought the Mustang GT and took it for service. When my wonderful wife recently filed a BBB complaint against a vendor, the company called us within 24 hours.





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  1. Great news about the car! Just got the call from the dealership: all in with tires, alignment, and oil change I’m out $1100 of which $700 will be paid by my employer. Now tires, front brakes, alignment, and oil change done. Will do coolant and transmission flush this summer. Hopefully upfront work will pay off in long run.


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