Imaginary Conversations

I have not written and published this post before because once it’s out there, it’s there. Well, I guess I can delete it at some future date.

Recently, while “on the throne” reading Roger Ebert’s Movie Yearbook 2003 I began to imagine having a conversation with him. Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of his death and, no, I never met him.

Ebert is far from the first person with whom my brain has created an imaginary dialogue and, no, they are not usually “on the throne.” Maybe it’s a weird manifestation of my OCD tendencies, but my mind just creates these conversations. I don’t know from where or how I perceive the other person’s perspective.

Once these imaginary conversations end, I forget all of the details except that they took place. It’s times like these that I particularly miss my friend, psychologist Richard Segal, who died in February of 2017.

Maybe these are just exercises in wish fulfillment. Maybe I’m just off my rocker. I guess the two explanations are not mutually exclusive.


How to segue to something else…



Yes, it’s the new “addition” to the family. Originally, I was going to show the Mecum car card, but when I saw the VIN and the fact that the VIN is not shown on their website I figured that discretion was the better part of valor.

The one-car bay at the Goose Bumps house is not exceptionally long, but has good width at 14+ feet. (The two-car bay is both wide and long and has more square feet than the alleged three-car garage at our first Arizona house.)

On the advice of my “car guy,” my wonderful wife and I will take the Maserati for an emissions inspection before he gets the car early next week. If it passes, that’s one fewer issue and I can then relay the info to Mecum and they can complete the request for an Arizona title.

Some of my friends and former colleagues don’t understand my disinterest in sports and my obsession with cars. Remember, the cars were first. My paper for History class in my senior year of high school was called The Development of the Automobile and its Effect on 20th-Century American Society. Yes, I attended high school in the 20th century and not in the 19th.


I found this AP story to be very interesting. I am also glad that Finland is now formally a NATO member, but wish Turkey and its lackey, Hungary, would stop the bullshit and allow Sweden to join.

Puck Futin!


According to a recently published study and via this Why Evolution Is True post, plants make noise when stressed; for example, when they are cut or not watered. If the audio file I will try to load works, then the sounds of a tomato plant under stress are down-sampled to the audible range, and the silent intervals between the tomato sounds are compressed (by a factor of 200) in order to produce a short file; the original recording was one hour.



Maybe the Beach Boys should have made an album called “Plant Sounds.” In case you don’t know, or even if you do, they released an album titled “Pet Sounds.”


Speaking of Why Evolution Is True:


In a punitive decision, two federal appellate-court judges decide to no longer hire clerks from Stanford Law School.” Like Yale Law School and other institutions, Stanford Law School has gone completely woke and anti-free speech.

Black DEI director fired for being too conciliatory.” In my very strongly held opinion, DEI means Deny Excellent Individuals. First earn, then receive! Meritum Supra Omnes!


Here is a slightly modified version of a tweet I sent yesterday:


Orange Drump should be in jail…so should Clillary Hinton, Sleepy Joe and his son, MoronToGo from Georgia and all of the IDIOTS we have elected. SHAME ON YOU, AMERICA!

#LockThemAllUp     #TakeBackTheCountry


I weep for the future even though I will not be alive to see it.


This recent MotorTrend piece shows the “Cheapest 300-HP Cars You Can Buy.” The sub-head reads, “When did it get so cheap to park 300 horses in your driveway?” All of these cars have a base MSRP of less than $40,000 and some are priced at less than $30,000.

One of the cars is one of my “sleepers,” the Kia Stinger. Specifically, it’s the 2023 Stinger GT-Line.


I am not usually a fan of four-door sedans, but I like the Stinger and think it is one of the great underrated cars of recent times. It will not be produced after this year as Hyundai/Kia will consolidate its sports sedans into the Genesis make and will also succumb to the EV delusion.

Mass delusions are much more common than one might think at first glance.









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4 thoughts on “Imaginary Conversations

  1. “When did it get so cheap to park 300 horses in your driveway?”

    We are living in the golden age of factory available horsepower, without a doubt. I remember late 80’s to early 90’s when 300 hp seemed to be the pinnacle of horsepower. With emissions regulations there were many who thought that would be the peak, myself somewhat included. As much as I love my old iron, a modern Camry or Accord can give a couple of my vehicles a damn good run for the money. And with 1/4 to 1/2 the cubic inches of engine.

    Sadly, I see what happened in 1970/71 happening now, the end of the horsepower “wars”. Last time it was insurance and emission driven, this time emission driven.

    You mUst haZ moAr EV’s.

    No thank you, I don’t. As long as gasoline, or something similar is available, there are plenty of us who will resist the transformation to a “pod car”.

    Yes, I’m old. And get off my lawn. 🙂


  2. I’m so envious of you! No not because of the car but the overhead storage rack! I had actually put one in my cart at Costco, and was expecting delivery on 03/07 but Costco has this funny quirk of wanting you to PAY for what’s in your cart. I’ll probably buy one after getting the new tires and starting the new job. Then my better half can stop complaining about all the stereo equipment boxes taking up space in and around the house!


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