It Don’t Come Easy

“Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues

And you know it don’t come easy.”

– Richard Starkey, AKA Ringo Starr


I called the bank to whom I submitted the wire transfer to pay for the Maserati at 5:30 AM local time yesterday, which right now is 8:30 Eastern Time. The representative confirmed receipt of the wire request and I received notification that the wire had been processed and the money sent at about 7 AM local time.

I have received confirmation of the receipt of a wire transfer in as little as 40 minutes (for example, the large wire we sent as partial payment for the Goose Bumps house), but I gave myself until 9 AM to call the bank and Mecum if I had not received word from either. Well, I wound up making a total of almost ten calls combined to the two companies. The bank did not receive the tracking number from the Federal Reserve and Mecum could not confirm receipt of the payment.

This situation lasted for hours. In the interim, Mecum sent me a stern notice that the car had to be picked up by 5 PM yesterday although that notice didn’t specify which time zone. I had to assume that meant 5 PM Central Time, where Mecum’s headquarters are located, which was 3 PM local time.

Noon passed with still no confirmation from either the bank or from Mecum. Since we didn’t want to risk arriving after 3 PM, at 12:30 PM my wonderful wife called her father, who had graciously offered us the use of his SUV to drive to State Farm Stadium to pick up the car. My wonderful wife would drive, since he doesn’t like to drive on freeways, and then we would (hopefully) drive the Maserati home and he could drive home in his SUV.

While we were waiting for him to arrive, and by now it was almost 1 PM, I just happened to take my phone out of my pocket and noticed a recent missed phone call from Mecum. I, of course, immediately returned the call and, lo and behold, Mecum confirmed receipt of the payment via wire transfer. Nearly six hours had passed from the time the money had left my bank account until Mecum could confirm receiving the funds. I’m surprised I didn’t hear the song “Manic Monday” in my head. Oops, I do now.

It was much easier to pick up the car at the stadium than it was to wait for official word that Mecum had been paid. Oh, Mecum’s notice made it seem like everyone had to pick up their car by yesterday. Given that the number of cars still parked in the vehicle pickup lot must have numbered in triple digits, I seriously doubt everyone picked up their car yesterday.

The car’s interior needs work, which I knew, and the latches for both the console and the glove compartment fell off during the drive home, but the car rode well, the temperature and oil pressure stayed good–at least if the gauges are to be believed–and it was an enjoyable drive. Oh, I let my wonderful wife drive the car. I suspect 99% of wives would not have been happy about their husband buying an exotic car, no matter the price, that is technically unnecessary. My wife is just as happy I won the car as I am.

The payoff:



That is my adorable, wonderful wife in the purple top walking away in the garage. Oh, I would be remiss if I did not mention a most pleasant surprise. Not only did the car’s navigation work perfectly, but it displays the ELEVATION of your current location! We didn’t discover this until we were almost home. When we pulled into the driveway the navigation display read 2,940 feet, very close to the 2,946 feet shown on the website I use to find the elevation of a specific address.

As my new neighbor and friend Bert texted me, “And the top apparently works, too!” I met him at a local Corvette event on Sunday, which I attended with another new neighbor and friend, Robert. I had mentioned that I didn’t know if the top worked as the car was displayed and driven to the auction block with the top down.

I do not intend to drive the car too much until I get the mechanicals more sorted. My “car guy” (Stephen) has been notified the Maserati is home and I think he will be able to give it a look this week. I would like to get the oil changed ASAP.

After being a huge Maserati fan since I was eight years old, I finally own one. I guess you have to pay your dues to sing the blues or to enjoy something long desired. I don’t know if I believe the old axiom, “Anything worth having is worth waiting for,” but I waited and now I have. Many thanks to my wonderful wife.






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8 thoughts on “It Don’t Come Easy

  1. “the latches for both the console and the glove compartment fell off during the drive home”

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Italian cars. 🙂

    Seriously though, if that’s the worst that happens, or is wrong with the car, you will have done well I think.

    Does it make “happy” noises under acceleration?


    1. While not in Sport mode, which I don’t want to use until the engine/transmission/brakes pass muster and/or get “freshened,” the car still sounded very nice under acceleration. Remember, in 2010 Maserati automobiles used engines designed and built by Ferrari. The “pininfarina” badges on the car add a nice touch as well.


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