Daylight Foolishness Time

“If anyone at my funeral has a long face, I’ll never speak to him again.”

– Stan Laurel


Legendary Stan Laurel was the exact opposite of the hapless character he played - The Sunday Post


For as long as I can remember, and long before I ever moved to Arizona, I have thought that changing the clocks twice a year was a foolish practice. Thankfully, as Arizonans my wonderful wife and I no longer have to participate.

I have long described the semi-annual nonsense as cutting off the top of a blanket and sewing it on to the bottom. What’s more disturbing, though, is that the next three days comprise the second deadliest period on US roads every year, behind only the July the 4th weekend. What do you expect when you take away an hour of sleep from a population that’s already sleep-deprived?!

Although I would prefer making Daylight Standard Time the norm (it is called Standard Time, after all), even moving to permanent Daylight Savings Time, as is being proposed, would be better than the stupidity of changing the clocks. Thank goodness for Arizona and Hawaii, the only two states where the clocks remain as they are all year.


Common sense prevailing over blind adherence to ideology? According to The New York Times, the current administration is planning to greenlight an $8 billion oil drilling project on the north slope of Alaska. That state’s lawmakers and oil executives have put enormous pressure on the White House to approve the project, citing the President’s own calls for the industry to increase production amid volatile gas prices stemming from Russia’s war crimes against Ukraine.

The notion that so-called renewable energy will be able to fully power a modern, industrialized society in the next 10 to 20 years is a pipe dream. Once again, General Motors’ upcoming $800 million investment in its next generation of gasoline-powered, small-block V8 engines is a tacit admission of that reality.


Speaking of General Motors…



A 2008 Saturn Sky Red Line in this color with a two-tone red and black interior has been consigned to the upcoming Mecum auction in Glendale, Arizona. While, of course, Mecum wants to drum up interest in the car, the pictures on its website are quite stunning.

With our bill for repairs and upgrades on the Goose Bumps house approaching $20k, it would certainly not be a prudent decision to try to buy this car, even though I have the funds in a savings account earmarked for automotive purchases. I might, emphasize might, let the auction decide for me. If it looks like I can buy the car for $15k-$16k all in, it will be difficult for me not to make a bid or two. Remember that I won’t have to pay to have the car shipped. Did I mention that the car’s odometer reads 6,245 miles?

A small irony is that, right now, the one-car garage bay has no room for a car as it has become a repository for empty moving boxes and other miscellany. Of course, the house has a large concrete pad on which at least two cars could be parked, even if just temporarily. I guess I’ll just have to wait to see how events unfold.







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4 thoughts on “Daylight Foolishness Time

  1. You had to go and get me started on a rant about the stupid obsession of changing clocks to try adding time to a day! Shame on you. Your expression of cutting off the end of a blanket and sewing it on the other end to make it longer has been my go to example for dissing Daylight Savings (?) Time. Add this to my disdain for the champion of daylight stupidity in the Congress, Edward Markey from the Bay State, the Dumbocrat socialist idiot and self-serving political hack. Long time House member and the replacement for Teddy Kennedy in the Senate, he was a long-time opponent of nuclear power and now he espouses the Green New Deal. Why the good people of Massachusetts continue to put up with this brain dead idiot I do not understand. I shant go on as I feel my blood pressure rising and I need to calm down and take myself to bed after an enjoyable evening of watching old time TV like Magnum P.I. in between episodes of my wife’s favorite on the weekend of Mike and Molly. Well at least my University of Arizona Wildcats men’s and women’s basketball teams both have made their respective NCAA tournaments. They both start on Thursday so it will be a challenge deciding which one to watch and when. With the grandchildren on Spring Break from school I won’t have to interrupt my watching to go and escort them from the school bus stop.


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