Multi-Link Monday

No, today’s post is not about a system for automobile suspension. (From this piece comes this definition: The term “multi-link suspension” can refer to a number of different suspension designs, all of which include at least three lateral links.)

I don’t really have time to compose a standard length post; this photo is just one piece of evidence to back up that claim.



Obviously, those shelves should have books on them and boxes shouldn’t occupy what will be my office. Another of the many advantages to moving is this view from my office.



Yes, the solar screens obscure the view somewhat. A small price to pay.

Anyway…back to the title. I just wanted to present many links to other pieces on the Internet that I found interesting. Read them at your leisure.


EU delays vote on combustion engine phaseout after German pushback

Is common sense creeping in?

Brian Leiter makes hash of a recent claim that DEI objectives can sometimes supersede academic freedom

Leiter is a professor at the Law School of the University of Chicago, the institution that employs Jerry Coyne, author of Why Evolution Is True.

UK Home Secretary defends freedom of expression

It’s a sad development that so many so-called “progressives” want to return to the muzzling of free speech and expression, just like the days of tyrants.

GM’s 12 biggest missed opportunities

From the Hagerty piece comes this picture.



Apropos of this recent blog post is this recent CNBC article titled, “As Social Security reform talks heat up, changes to the retirement age, payroll tax may be on the table.”


Time for more unpacking.





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4 thoughts on “Multi-Link Monday

  1. Using the phrase “common sense” in the same paragraph as “politician” is right up there with “the stripper likes me.” I think it’s more a matter of being slapped upside the head with reality. Perhaps it’s been brought to the politicians attention that many folks cannot afford the cost of these battery powered (I refuse to call them electric ) vehicles, especially when it comes to repairs. I can go to the local salvage yard and buy a replacement engine for an average vehicle for $1,000 or so. Transmission for maybe $750. Compare that to $10,000 or more for a replacement battery in a “Barbie Jeep.”

    There are still enough “unwoke” buyers out in the world, that politicians dare not ignore them. To do so could well cost that politician what matters most to them, their elected office.


  2. From the Hagerty article on GM failures, I agree with the “NIH” (Not Invented Here) problem, designed by committee and letting the bean counters be in total control. The bane of American business is too many lawyers and bean counters. Yes, you need them to assist you with keeping things in control and out of trouble; but you better NOT let them be in control or even “think” they are in control. I refer you to Shakespeare and the Eagles lyric: “Sometimes I think Old Billy was right, let’s kill all of the lawyers and kill them tonight.” I include bean counters in the class of lawyers. I worked with both lawyers and bean counters when I worked for the electric utility. Some of them are good and provide good advice, others of them are neo-fascists.


    1. Many bean counters know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. All American politicians care about is being elected and re-elected. Since the populace doesn’t really hold them accountable, they can provide nothing and stay in office. Of course, I think–in general–government is too large for our good.


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