All’s Well That Ends Well?

I was going to title today’s post “The Sixth Time Is The Charm” or “By The End, I Hated That House.” Obviously, the house to which I refer in the latter is the first Arizona house in which we lived. The former almost title refers to the fact that the Goose Bumps house is the sixth house that my wonderful wife and I have purchased, two each in three different states. We sincerely hope it is the last.


I must have known something…last Sunday I saved this link to an article titled, “Does elevation affect temperature? It sure does.” What am I talking about? Look at this:



I shot this brief video of our courtyard last night. The Goose Bumps house is about 2,950 feet above sea level whereas our previous house was about 2,100 feet in elevation. Our friend and now former neighbor Emily confirmed it did not snow at our previous location. Yes, I opened the front door and let the cold air in so I could shoot the video unobstructed. Actually, the published video is just one of three I recorded last night.

While, of course, we have many boxes to unpack and many calls to vendors to make, we are very happy to be in this beautiful house. I hope that the end of the ultimately successful quest for an “upper-end” house marks the beginning of a new chapter of better things ahead. However, I am not so vain that I am going to publish countless photos. Maybe a few here and there…


I have been writing that I strongly believe woke is a cult. This piece is called “The Cult Dynamics Of Wokeness.” [my mark]


To call Snan Dyder (what I call the owner of Washington’s NFL team) an asshole is an insult to assholes. This ESPN article is about how he (allegedly) took out a $55 million credit line without the knowledge and required approval of his minority partners.

One source who supposedly has insider knowledge said this, “Three billionaires — not a few whistleblowers — alleged to the NFL arbitrator that their partner had possibly committed bank fraud. This is jail time type of fraud.”

This piece from Associated Press reports that NFL owners will discuss Dyder at their upcoming meetings. NFL bylaws do allow for the removal of an owner by a three-quarters vote. Dyder would probably sue if forced to sell; rumor has it that the owner of the Dallas Cowyucks (another piece of work) is trying to broker a deal where Dyder sells the team.


Automotive American has been publishing pieces called “A Brief History Of…” The histories are very brief, too brief, in my opinion. However, I will publish the links to the last three: Packard, Studebaker and American Motors.

Here are pictures of my favorite cars from each of the three defunct American makes. For Packard the choice is difficult.

Maybe, just maybe, I will own one of these someday.


Since I have been away for a little while, I am going to publish links to four posts from Why Evolution Is True.


Creationism is back: a pro-ID bill passes the West Virginia senate

In which I push atheism on Bored Panda

The decline and fall of academic probity

When does DEI supercede academic freedom


I can’t resist writing that my answer to the last title would be “IT NEVER SHOULD!” because to me DEI = Deny Excellent Individuals.


Glad to be posting again. Thanks for reading.







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4 thoughts on “All’s Well That Ends Well?

  1. Good to hear that the move is over and, hopefully, all your possessions made the move without damage. Not too sure about that snow, though. But my area is under a tornado watch for the next couple days, so I guess I might have it worse. Last month there were a couple of them that came thru about 5 miles from my house. Hope my luck holds.

    I like that Javelin. That said, my favorite AMC is the “Machine.”

    Friend in high school had one, wish I had it now.


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