Two Hours Of Panic

Let me begin by writing that, compared to the beginning of the second year of Russia’s war crimes against Ukraine, almost every “issue” with which I have to deal is a first-world problem.


Yesterday, my wonderful wife and I dutifully arrived at 8:45 for our 9 AM appointment to sign the documents to execute the purchase of the Goose Bumps house. After completion we enjoyed a celebratory breakfast at one of our favorite spots.

Helped by my wonderful wife’s father, we did a few things around the house in anticipation of the move before going to lunch not that long after breakfast. The two of them then went grocery shopping for him and I stayed home to listen to music.

My wife returned home a little after 3 PM. At 3:30 PM our realtor called with the news that we were incorrectly informed yesterday and that the title company processing the sale of our house had, in fact, not received the necessary documentation from the company providing the mortgage for the buyer. We were also informed that this put the timing of both closings in jeopardy. (Once again, our buyer decided to change lenders just 17-18 days before the scheduled closing date. Not surprisingly, but I think, by law, the deadline after which a buyer cannot change mortgage companies should be at least 21 days before closing.)

When you hire a moving company it is never a simple matter to tell them, “Hey, we need to push the move back a day or two.” We had also already made numerous calls to change our address for various utilities and other services, including our electricity provider, which meant if we delayed the move we would be in a home without electricity. Yeah, I guess the backup generator would have kicked in, but…

Completely deflated, my wonderful wife and I decided to get out of the house. First we went to the bank to withdraw some money to use for tips for the movers. Then we decided to go for a drive to clear our head. Perhaps not too surprisingly we wound up at the Goose Bumps house.

My wife decided to pull into the driveway and wanted to get out to look around. Shortly after we exited the car, we heard loud barking and saw a medium-sized dog at the gate to the courtyard. We got back in the car, but didn’t leave.

Just a couple of minutes later we were surprised when Michael, co-owner of the house, walked up to the car. We thought he and his wife were out of town trying to move into their new house. I asked him if he recognized us and he said he did. He then graciously offered to let us look around the house.

The dog, Tank, proved to be unbelievably friendly. He was just doing his job as guardian of the property. Michael showed us around, which was very nice and very helpful for us, explaining various items and proudly showing off the expert work he had completed.

I think we were in the house for almost an hour. We didn’t want to intrude any longer so we thanked Michael and we drove home.

When we returned we noticed that we had received a text from our realtor. The time stamp on the text was about two hours after the phone call. The text read, “Just heard from […] at [the title company]. […] got an email from the mortgage company that everything has been resolved. They are sending loan docs today and the buyers will sign tomorrow [today, Saturday]. The loan will fund on Monday.”

While that means we did not close on the sale of our house yesterday as scheduled (so we still own the home and are not staying here as tenants), it is likely, although not a certainty, that both closings can take place on Monday. The closing for our purchase of Goose Bumps was originally scheduled for Monday. In the event our purchase closing is delayed a day, the owners of our soon-to-be new home will let us move our belongings in as scheduled on Tuesday.

Yes, that was a champagne problem, but it was still two hours of panic. I am still waiting for something in my life to go off without a hitch from beginning to end.






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2 thoughts on “Two Hours Of Panic

  1. “I am still waiting for something in my life to go off without a hitch from beginning to end.”

    Good luck with that. I have been waiting for as far back as I can remember for a similar result. Granted some “hitches” have been minor in nature, but a hitch is a hitch.

    Still hoping everything falls into place for your move, and it sounds like it is.


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