Black And White Or Shades Of Gray

A lot of things are black and white, but not everything. Discuss amongst yourselves.

That instruction was, on occasion, given via email to those in the “inner circle” for one of the major league teams for whom I worked as a consultant. At the time, the author of those emails was the Assistant General Manager. He is now the General Manager and is in charge of Baseball Operations.

Maybe I will break my arm patting myself on the back, but let the record show that the last player I specifically recommended to this team (in late September, 2010) was Justin Turner, who is still playing in the majors. Since he was “only” a seventh-round draft pick and already in his third organization at the time, it is/was realistic to think he could have been acquired for less than a king’s ransom. Of course, this team could probably not have afforded to keep him for long after it became clear he was a productive player.


Here is an heretical view: Dakota Johnson, of Fifty Shades of Grey fame, does nothing for me, by which I mean–of course–I don’t find her particularly attractive. Do you think the fact that she has two famous actor parents helped her break into show business? Is the Pope Catholic?


I spilled the beans on Goose Bumps house details on Sunday, the 19th. We are supposed to move into the house one week from today.

I guess I should start calling utility companies and the like to let them know we’re moving. Time compression due to aging is not only annoying, it can be downright counter-productive, especially when combined with declining memory. Keep your eyes on the prize:



By the way, in the top photo that is a peach tree in the courtyard by the front door. OK, I prematurely published the post to see if any identifying details could be gleaned from the photos. I didn’t see any.

In the bottom photo the garage at a 90-degree angle to the garage with two doors is only a one-car garage. That is not clear from the picture. The garage sizes are far larger than those in many Arizona homes. The south side of the house also has a 12 1/2′ x 53′ concrete pad that sits behind a large gate and fence and is very far from the street. Obviously, that area could easily store two cars. One more photo:



Wish us luck because until it’s done, it’s not done. Yes, channeling my inner Yogi Berra.






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2 thoughts on “Black And White Or Shades Of Gray

  1. “Wish us luck because until it’s done, it’s not done. Yes, channeling my inner Yogi Berra.”

    When you come to the fork in the road, take it.
    (just watch out for the spoon) 🙂


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