Federal Holidays

I don’t think I have mentioned I disapprove of most federal holidays, like today. To me, the US should only have a few: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day. Christmas, you say? What about the alleged separation of church and state, I say.

The elementary school I attended had a large percentage of Jewish students, although that percentage diminished in the seven years I was there. (I also went to Kindergarten.) The school was open on Jewish holidays, but most Jewish children did not attend, nor were they expected to. A classmate (I think this was in the fifth grade) told me he didn’t think it was fair that Jewish students could stay home on their holidays and on Christmas. I told him I would attend school on Christmas, but since most of the teachers were not Jewish I didn’t think anyone would be around to teach the class.


From this CNBC article about a governmental “attack” on Big Tech via the Supreme Court comes these words of wisdom from Roger McNamee, a venture capitalist who was an early investor in Fack Fucebook, “This is the first opportunity that the Supreme Court has to stand up for the American people in the face of a tech industry that has undermined public health, democracy and public safety.”

Just as I rail against government bureaucrats who basically make legislation without having been elected, the power of Big Tech to flaunt the law is disgusting to me. Of course, our two so-called political parties cannot agree on a solution. What a surprise…


Here are two more links to Why Evolution Is True, sans any comments from me. I will note, however, that just showing the post titles and supplying the URLs has led to more clicks, which I believe is a good outcome.


More abrogation of free speech in Britain

HxA reading list


HxA stands for Heterodox Academy, a “nonpartisan nonprofit that works to improve the quality of research and education by promoting open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement in institutions of higher learning.


My interest in Astronomy leads me to find this video of a solar flare quite interesting. Solar flares are not just events of academic interest. From NASA, “Flares and solar eruptions can impact radio communications, electric power grids, navigation signals, and pose risks to spacecraft and astronauts.” From Space.com (yes, such a website exists) is an article about The Carrington Event of 1859, considered to be the most powerful solar storm in recorded history. From the linked piece:


“The Carrington Event sparked a huge geomagnetic storm that wreaked havoc with technology. Earth fell silent as telegraph communications around the world failed.

According to History.com, there were reports of sparks showering from telegraph machines, operators receiving electric shocks and papers set ablaze by the rogue sparks.

Striking auroras dazzled skywatchers around the world as polar light shows stretched far beyond their usual ranges. The northern lights (aurora borealis) were witnessed as far south as Cuba and Honolulu, Hawaii, whilst the southern lights (aurora australis) were seen as far north as Santiago, Chile, according to National Geographic.”


On this day in 1954, the Ford Thunderbird was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show. Production of the now-legendary “Baby Bird” began later that year as a 1955 model year car.



I have always liked the look of these cars with the 1955 being my favorite. It is extremely unlikely I will ever own one, though. So many CARS, just one life.








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4 thoughts on “Federal Holidays

  1. You and I are too much alike. I can remember in middle school getting a book about astronomy followed by my first telescope. In college I almost took the intro course, but being pre-med and an Economics major limited my choices, which I still regret since my college had its own observatory.
    One day I will get the Celestron scope and dabble in looking at the sky.


    1. “You and I are too much alike.”

      Maybe that’s why we’ve been friends for almost 50 years…the Goose Bumps house is in an area with very little street lighting and should provide excellent views of the night sky. Let’s hope we get to the finish line.


  2. The vast majority of the world is blissfully unaware of how close to a major extinction event the world is. Most all are aware of the threat of nuclear armageddon, but clueless about things like CME’s, EMP’s, asteroid strikes, mega tsunamis, major volcanic eruptions and such. I don’t stay up at night worrying about that stuff, as there is nothing I can do to change any of it. If anything was to happen, I would either survive or I wouldn’t. I do however follow things like that with interest, because even small scale events will affect our lives.

    So, eat the M&M’s, or that pint of ice cream, or whatever your particular weakness happens to be. (blackberry or blueberry cobbler for me) 🙂


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