The Pace Quickens

Even though, technically, we are still waiting for one more piece of news before we are “sure” that we are selling our current house and buying the “Goose Bumps” house, we have decided to engage in the critical step of “gathering” the funds needed to complete the purchase. We are not borrowing any money, in the form of a mortgage or otherwise, to make this happen. With settlement rules for stocks and bonds and the amount of money likely requiring additional steps before it can all be transferred to its “launching point,” we have decided to give ourselves a little more margin for error and begin the process.

A recent Arizona ruling that does not allow for state tax to be withheld from retirement account distributions has already caused a delay. At numerous points in this venture I have been told to keep my eyes on the prize.



That is the front door to the house we are trying to purchase. What you can’t see, because neither my wonderful wife nor I has taken any photos, is a view of the front of the house. The front door cannot be seen from the street because the house has a large courtyard in the front. The door to the courtyard is visible.

Wish us luck because we still need it.






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