Who Are These People?

Before I reveal the list of names for discussion, a dream…I dreamt my wonderful wife received what seemed to be a very important text from our realtor (Hi, K Squared!) but could not open the text to read it.

We are still one event away from being full speed ahead towards the consummation of the sale of our house and the purchase of the “Goose Bumps” house. If you are tired of reading about this saga, imagine how tired my wonderful wife and I are of living it.


I can’t imagine that a few of you won’t know who these people are. Here is the list:


Myles Garrett

Mitchell Trubisky

Solomon Thomas

Leonard Fournette

Corey Davis

Jamal Adams

Mike Williams

Christian McCaffrey

John Ross


These were the nine players selected ahead of Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 NFL Draft. For Bears fans, the selection of quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with the second overall pick must be particularly galling. However, if Mahomes had ended up on the Bears instead of the Chiefs, a good team that traded up 17 spots in the first round to pick him, he might not have turned into the player he is.

Certainly, some of the players on this list have become excellent NFL performers. Once again, Mahomes was fortunate to be selected by a good team led by a head coach with a creative offensive mind. However, the fact that John Ross–a small wide receiver–was picked before Mahomes now seems ludicrously inexplicable. Ross did not even play in the NFL in the recently completed season. He is yet another example of how measureables–traits like 40-yard dash time or number of bench presses at 225 pounds–do not always correlate to NFL success.


I will offer these links to Why Evolution Is True without comment, not even an “It’s About Time.” I guess I just did.


A court case against DEI and discriminatory hiring

Is Wokeism on the way out?


As I have nothing else about which to write today, I offer a selection of photos. Thanks for indulging me.



Somehow, some way I think that I will own one of these in the future. Of course, I could be wrong.







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4 thoughts on “Who Are These People?

  1. “Is Wokeism on the way out?”

    One can hope, but it is going to take a good while for it to happen, if it ever does. There are far too many folks for whom that is their “identity” and are loath to lose that.

    Little over a year and a half ago our company was invited to bid on a project, good sized, pretty good profit possible. As part of the package we were asked to furnish our policies on DEI. You would think that looking just at the names of the principals of the our company, me; obviously white, my partner; obviously Latino, our president; obviously Latino female, would have negated that. After reading this invite we responded declining to bid. We decided that there was more likelihood of BS issues being generated. In our line of work there is minimal advertising, so reputation is everything. We know how fast word travels and a negative impression from one customer can cost many future ones. We figured they would be trying to dictate to us how we ran the project, and who we would be allowed to bring on to the project. We bring the best qualified we have to a project, doesn’t matter if they are black, white, brown or purple (ok, probably won’t be bringing any purple folks out on our jobs).

    We are a business, not a social studies project.

    And that Darrin would look good in your garage. 🙂


    1. Many thanks for sharing that story, DDM.

      “We are a business, not a social studies project.” This is similar to Jerry Seinfeld’s response when he was criticized for not having a “diverse” set of characters and actors for his Seinfeld TV show. In an opinion in a Supreme Court case, Chief Justice Roberts wrote, “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” That is not as tautological as it sounds.


    1. A Kaiser-Darrin, a limited production “sports car” with exterior created by famous automobile designer Howard “Dutch” Darrin and drivetrain/assembly by Kaiser. Only 435 were produced in its one model year, 1954.

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