Hail To The Chiefs

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs. In my opinion, their comeback win in yesterday’s Super Bowl was more about determination than schematics.

Of course, even though I wanted the Chiefs to win I didn’t think they would. Jalen Hurts’ shoulder looked fine yesterday and the Eagles led 24-14 at halftime. Chiefs’ star quarterback Patrick Mahomes re-injured his sprained right ankle late in the first half. Still, Kansas City’s offensive line continued its stellar play against a Philadelphia front that had savaged opponent offenses all year and amassed the third-highest total of quarterback sacks in NFL history. Mahomes was not sacked at all during the game. The Chiefs’ O-Line will never receive enough credit for their performance. The Chiefs also out-rushed the Eagles 158 yards to 115.

Obviously, Mahomes played and played well in the second half leading the Chiefs to three touchdowns and the game-winning field goal in four second-half possessions. He has been the Chiefs’ starting quarterback for five seasons. In each of those years he has led Kansas City to the AFC Championship Game (all five at home, by the way, meaning the Chiefs have been the #1 seed in the conference all five seasons), to three Super Bowls and two Super Bowl championships. If you want to place him among the top 6-8 quarterbacks in NFL history, despite his youth, I would not argue with you.

Hail To The Chiefs!


Philip Maynard sent me the link to this story from Fox News (not my favorite organization) titled, “Ford could save the Mustang and F-Series from going all-electric with synthetic fuel.” From the piece, “[Ford CEO Jim] Farley says the industry is not “monolithic” and that electric drivetrains are not suitable for every customer, especially those that tow or are just looking for the sound and fury of a V8.”

We’ll see how long Ford can resist the blind and foolish march to EV conformity. I wish them luck. It is worth noting, again, that General Motors is about to make a nearly $1 billion investment in a new generation of gasoline-powered, small-block V-8 engines.



This CNBC article is about the short shelf life for a “game-changer” in cancer therapy, radioligand therapy. This treatment is only good for a few days after it’s manufactured, but has the potential to radically alter outcomes for the better for cancer patients. As someone with a higher (worse) than average risk for pancreatic cancer, and knowing this therapy has the potential to tilt the playing field, I hope the relevant entities can improve the supply chain to the point where the treatment is more accessible and more affordable.


From this Why Evolution Is True post:


“The 29-year-old [Yeonmi Park] defected from North Korea as a young teen, only to be human-trafficked in China. In 2014, she became one of just 200 North Koreans to live in the United States — and, as of last year, is an American citizen.

Now, three years after she graduated from Columbia with a degree in human rights, Park is raising alarm bells about America’s cancel culture and woke ideology.

In her book “While Time Remains,” out February 14, Park writes how she made it all the way to the United States only to find some of the same encroachments on freedom that she thought she left behind in North Korea — from identity politics and victim mentality to elite hypocrisy.”


Woke is a cult and cancel culture is antithetical to free speech, you know, one of the rights guaranteed to us in the First Amendment.









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