The Early Bird Might Be Sick

Although I will spare you the disgusting details as to why, I have been awake since 1:30 AM. No chance in hell exists that I can go back to sleep tonight so here I am at my computer keyboard.


David Banner (not his real name) wrote this in a comment: “Besides, what’s better than “School Days” these days?”



The title track from Stanley Clarke’s most famous recording, School Days, helped get me through my first year in college. When I read David Banner’s comment my brain immediately started playing the song. Maybe one day I will record his seminal bass solo from that song and post it here. In college, I remember being in awe of someone I did not know that well because he could play that solo.



So, the Unitas post from Concours In The Hills 2023 was not the last from that event. The reason I showed this photo was unearthing this story on MotorTrend about the Pontiac Fiero. From the story:


“The car that would become the Pontiac Fiero was presented to the GM board as an economical commuter car as opposed to a sporty model, its two-seat setup billed merely as a way to keep weight down and fuel efficiency up. It was a successful pitch, and [Pontiac VP Bill] Hoglund was thrown $700 million for his new pet project.”


I have always thought that, reliability issues aside, the Fiero is the rare example of a design that obviously comes from a specific period and yet remains fresh through time. I know that some of these have been “adapted” to look like mid-engine Ferraris. I will never do this (so many CARS just one life), but I can imagine having an expert mechanic/craftsman putting a modern, relatively small but powerful engine into one of these. Of course, the brakes, suspension and chassis would also need upgrading.


Thanks to my VPN subscription my wonderful wife and I were able to watch all 13 episodes from Season 3 of Transplant including the recently aired season finale. (Still, shame on NBC for not airing Season 3, but continuing to broadcast dreck like American Ninja Warrior.) I don’t know whether it’s because we watched the show on a 24-inch computer monitor instead of a 65-inch TV screen, the departure of John Hannah and his character from the show, or a combination of those and other things, but Season 3 just did not seem as amazing to me as the first two seasons.

Don’t get me wrong; we thoroughly enjoyed Season 3. The season finale seemed like just that and not a series finale. It was mid-February last year when CTV announced that Season 3 would be produced. Maybe Mark and/or Rubens Junior can weigh in, but my impression is that the show remains popular in Canada. I will be surprised if Season 4 is not made.

Whenever Transplant and The Good Doctor cease to be produced I will probably be done with current scripted network TV. I/we have been binge-watching The Great British Baking Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show via Roku. Watching the latter reminds me of how beautiful Mary Tyler Moore was.



Of course, The Dick Van Dyke Show could not be produced today as it was not politically correct or woke. What a shame…








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6 thoughts on “The Early Bird Might Be Sick

  1. As I have significantly upgraded my stereo rig, my next purchase will be a turntable and it will be soon. Alas, the many albums that I had accumulated since I was 14 (the first being “Midnight Train to Georgia”) were “dispatched” by my ex wife.
    As I rebuild my vinyl collection, “School Days” will be one of the first to be added.


    1. Thanks for sharing, Doc. IF we move and I can find my albums, I would be happy to let you have those you might want, assuming we can find a safe way to transport them across the country.


  2. “The Dick Van Dyke Show could not be produced today as it was not politically correct or woke.”

    Imagine trying to make Blazing Saddles today.

    There was/is a meme floating around of a mock TV Guide listing for an airing of that movie. Goes something like: Blazing Saddles (edited for content) airing from 8.00-8.07pm Eastern Time.

    Even the movie from which I took my handle, Dirty Dingus Magee, would have to be re-titled.


  3. Interesting you should mention The Dick Van Dyke Show. Most of what we watch is reruns of older shows on MeTV and other channels. The Nanny is one staple. The actress who played the neighbor Millie Helper on Dick Van Dyke was Ann Morgan Guilbert who also played the grandmother of The Nanny. She was hilarious in both shows.

    We tend to gravitate to police/mystery shows mostly the original Hawaii 5-0 and Monk. The Food Network channel is also a favorite from which I end up cutting and pasting endless recipes many of which we make.

    I too read the Motortrend article on the reasons the Fiero failed. Interesting. It is also one of those cars that tends to be modified by car builders shoehorning in ever larger V-8 engines. One mid-engine car not mentioned very often is the Porsche 914. My neighbor in Mesa owned one and loved to tinker with it. A couple of times I attempted to pretzel myself into the car; but even back then when my body was more supple, it was a challenge.

    As one who enjoys bass riffs. I will have to search out a recording of School Days. The bass in “Swingtown” is also classic as is Golden Earring’s “Radar Love”.


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