Concours In The Hills 2023

T minus 5 days until imaging.


On a beautiful day when the temperature reached 77° in Fountain Hills, Arizona, my wonderful wife, her father, our friend Dan and I attended the annual Concours In The Hills. Last year I believe attendance reached 50,000–more than the population of Fountain Hills–with about 1,100 cars on display. This year, I think attendance reached 60,000 with probably 1,200 cars.

Without further ado:



Even in white, not one of my favorite exterior automobile colors, this 1970 Maserati Ghibli made the biggest impact on me literally giving me goose bumps. That must be “a thing” for me these days. (Nope, no update on the “Goose Bumps” house. We are waiting for just one more event, which we hope and think will happen in the next 4-5 days.)



You don’t want to know how many pictures I took of this car. Its inclusion in my Ultimate Garage 3.0 seems most appropriate.



The Citroen SM was Motor Trend Car Of The Year for 1972; Citroen was out of the US market by 1974. A real shame, IMO.

OK, I’ve reached a double-digit number of photographs. I will try to show some of the US cars tomorrow and/or the day after.





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