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January of 2023 did, indeed, reach a level of blog views not seen since January of 2022. Many thanks. Time for the monthly plea: please keep reading, please tell your friends about this blog, please feel free to submit thoughtful comments and please feel free to click on any ad in which you have genuine interest.


So, Tom Brady has retired again and swears “this time it’s for good.” I respect his accomplishments, but I respect Father Time even more.

The genuflection of the football talking heads about how, in one scenario, Brady was going to re-unite with coach Josh McDaniels in Las Vegas and carry the Raiders to the Super Bowl made me ill. Brady is done and his retirement is a tacit admission of that fact.

Father Time is undefeated.


From this post comes this pearl of wisdom:


There are two ingredients in trail mix….
….M&Ms – and disappointment.


As I have written, I think that the person who invented M&Ms was a genius. If my imaging next week is all clear, the first thing I might do is to buy a large bag of Peanut M&Ms and finish them in a day.


I am going to show a few landscape photos. I must admit the writing well is much drier than normal today. It is also likely that, barring some important development, I will not post tomorrow.




An irrational fear has left me reluctant to publish specific updates on our efforts to buy the “Goose Bumps” house. We may be very close to the finish line, but my motto is that until something is done, it’s not done. I’ll just leave it there.






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5 thoughts on “Many Thanks

  1. “Father Time is undefeated.”

    Doesn’t matter how much money you have, how famous you are, or how hard you try, we all have an expiration date. It would sometimes be nice to know when that date is, but we don’t have that offered to us, not even from psychics or fortune tellers.

    Moral of the story: have fun while you can, might be the last time. Eat the M&M’s. 🙂


  2. You can keep your peanut M&Ms. As for me I will eat my Milk Chocolate M&Ms or maybe a small bag of the dark chocolate variety.

    Many won’t agree with me, but I believe that it is God who numbers our days. If you woke up today, there are still things for you to accomplish, so get busy.

    I remember George Blanda of the Oakland Raiders. Was a quarterback, but after aging, continued to make himself useful by changing positions to be the place kicker and continue his career. He of a lesser ego than the above named quarterback. And even when he was a place kicker, they sometimes called on him in a pinch to again be the quarterback. Continue to make yourself useful with new skills and keep up your old skills, you never know when you will be called upon in a pinch.


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