Automobile Events Are Good For You

OK, today’s post title is a little tongue-in-cheek and some people wouldn’t be caught dead at any type of car show. That’s their prerogative. However, I do have a small amount of empirical evidence to back the claim made in the post title.

Not counting my treadmill workouts I average between 5,000 and 6,000 steps a day walking, according to my iPhone. (My phone is not on my person while I’m on the treadmill.) For example, in 2022 I averaged about 5,300 steps a day.

My wonderful wife and I have attended automobile events the last three days: Sunday at the Arizona Concours and Monday-Tuesday at the Barrett-Jackson auction. I averaged 9,300 steps a day for those three days, despite the fact that I did not feel well on Sunday. Yes, I did also workout on Monday and plan to do so today starting in about 90 minutes.

On average, adult Americans walk only about half as much as citizens of other developed nations. It’s not a coincidence that the US also has the highest rate of overweight and obese adults in that group of countries.


Before I show some pictures from the past three days, it’s time to show some links to Why Evolution Is True.


Matthew Yglesias: Woke [my mark] language isn’t meant to improve society, but to increase inequality.

Ira Glasser: Why we need free speech, even if it’s offensive and hateful

From the second post: “Glasser has just published a very good piece in Spiked that I highlighted above (naturally it’s on a right-leaning site, for the Progressive Left is not so keen on free speech because it can include “hate speech”). It’s hard to get a defense of free speech published in a liberal place.” Oh, Glasser was head of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for more than two decades. The ACLU has become among the worst offenders in trying to suppress free speech when it doesn’t adhere to the idiocy of woke.


My wonderful wife sent me this picture:



OK, the source is not objective, but Buffett did say this, perhaps a little tongue-in-cheek, to CNBC’s Becky Quick in 2011. Of course, Congress would never pass such a law and I do think that on very rare occasions, the federal government may have to incur a deficit of more than three percent of GDP. From 1942 through 1945, inclusive, the US government deficit was about 11 percent of GDP. Since we were fighting in World War II I think that was OK, right? <end sarcasm>


Time for (mainly) car photos:



The photo immediately above is a 1967 Corvette restomod. Everything about this car just looked right to me. Oh, I saw a person (but only one) wearing a “Save The Manuals” T-shirt. Like the vast majority of restomods for sale here, the Corvette above has an automatic transmission. Just like devotees of stick shifts are probably tired of seeing me write about the demise of the standard manual, I am tired of hearing people like Steve Magnante and even Bill Stephens drone on about how we need to save manual transmissions. In the US, the standard manual transmission is already dead, but no one has the decency to knock it over and give it a proper burial. The market share of new vehicles sold in the US with a traditional manual transmission is now less than one percent.



I have no idea if the item above, for sale by one of the many vendors in the Exhibitors Hall, is really an old radio or a reproduction. However, I have always been fascinated by very old electronic devices and we were very loyal to the Zenith brand in our house when I was young. “The quality goes in before the name goes on.”

One of the delights in attending car events is the experience of seeing and learning about cars that were previously unknown to me, such as the car shown below.



As shown on the car card, this is a 1989 Nissan Silvia convertible. Other than what’s on the card, I know nothing about this automobile and had never heard of it prior to yesterday. Like the title of a book by the late, great Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver read, it’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.








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8 thoughts on “Automobile Events Are Good For You

  1. Why do we NEED free speech? Because the human spirit craves it and needs it to flourish. I recently finished re-reading James A. Michener’s book “The Bridge at Andau” about the 1956 Hungarian Revolt against the Communists. I originally read this in high school and my wife also read it then. I decided to re-read it to renew my understanding of this part of history. In his analysis of why the revolt happened, Michener wrote this:

    “One of the most promising aspects of the Hungarian revolution was that it was initiated by men who wanted the human spirit to be inquiring and free. They wanted the simple rights of talk, and honest newspapers, and respect for differing opinions.”

    When you limit what people are freely able to talk about, you are threatening people more than you realize. You are limiting their free will which is a dangerous thing. If you push long enough and hard enough you will get serious push back and could eventually lead to get them fighting mad.

    Thanks for the excellent links and keep the car pictures coming.


  2. A thoughtful post, my friend! I am catching up on reading blogs after “pigging out” on all of the new and fun stuff to see in Saint Augustine. I noticed on the local news here that Florida teachers are now having to vet their classroom libraries for only approved books. In the meantime, classroom libraries are on hold while each classroom has to be inspected for “contraband literature.”

    On a matter of more pleasantry, I am passing the mantle of Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale photography to you. Keep up the good work of sharing those beautiful classic cars with the blog-o-sphere!


    1. “I noticed on the local news here that Florida teachers are now having to vet their classroom libraries for only approved books. In the meantime, classroom libraries are on hold while each classroom has to be inspected for ‘contraband literature.'”

      Unbelievable, yet not. I weep for the future, even though I won’t see it.

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  3. You speak wisdom. 🙌🏼

    And while I think myself quite wise, I only like Barrett Jackson for taking photos, people watching, and a day to make that, he in my we, happy.

    Today is our day there.


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