One Two Three Two Three

Of course, today’s post title refers to today’s date. I’m still an OCD-afflicted math nerd.


Welcome to cold and snowy Arizona. It’s not snowing at our house, but not too far away.



The blue patches represent radar-indicated snow. Our forecast high temperature today is just 44° and the area is under a Freeze Warning for tonight. The average high here for this date, remember that we do not live at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, is 65°.


I was originally going to title today’s post “Arizona Concours,” but OCD. My wonderful wife and I attended that event yesterday in the cold, but clear, Arizona morning. We splurged for VIP tickets, which meant we could be admitted 90 minutes before the general public. As such, we were actually able to see the cars arrive at the venue. (The VIP tickets also entitled us to lunch “on the house,” but we didn’t stay for lunch. More on that later.)

It was an awesome field of cars, everything from a 1901 Duryea to a 2020 Ford GT. Another highlight was meeting and briefly chatting with Donald Osborne, probably best known for the “Assess and Caress” segment on Jay Leno’s Garage, but someone with impeccable automotive credentials. He is currently the CEO of the renowned Audrain Automobile Museum in Newport, Rhode Island.

I’m sure you want to see some pictures. I could have taken many more photos than I did and published 50 in today’s post. I always have an informal limit to the number of pictures I’m going to show in a post. Anyway, let me start with what was probably my favorite car in the field, a 1961 Ghia L 6.4 coupe.



Like most such events, the cars were grouped by category. This year’s theme was aerodynamics. I must confess I know nothing about this car other than its looks just blew me away.

A quick Internet search revealed that just 25 of these were produced from 1960 to 1962. Like the Dual-Ghia and the Chrysler Ghia ST Special, these were powered by a Chrysler V-8 engine, although since the first-generation Hemi was no longer being produced, these had a 383 cubic-inch wedge head motor. The output was rated 335 HP/410 LB-FT of torque.

One car literally stood apart from the rest of the field, behind ropes. It was a 1953 Alfa Romeo BAT coupe, number 5 to be specific.



I hesitate to call the Alfa Romeo BAT cars sui generis because more than one of them were built, but they are certainly very different.

Here are just a few more assorted photos.



Although it was not the first time I had seen a modern Alfa Romeo 8C, I was almost overwhelmed by the beautiful proportions. I think the move to a mid-engine design has ruined the look of the Corvette. I almost always prefer the long hood, short deck layout.

The way the cars were parked often made it difficult to get a full side shot or even a decent three-quarter view. For example:



I don’t know what car was named Best In Show; we didn’t stay long enough. Remember, we didn’t even stay for lunch. Yesterday’s event was marred by the fact that I just did not feel well. I know my labs are normal, except for a slightly elevated lipase level, but I do not feel well. I still have to wait 17 days for more imaging. I know I am not an innate optimist, but in the back of my mind, maybe not that far back, I have a nagging feeling that something is seriously wrong. The fact that I have lost 10+ pounds in the last month cannot be entirely attributed to cutting out fried foods, cheese and egg yolks. Wish me good luck because I have a strong feeling I am going to need it.









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6 thoughts on “One Two Three Two Three

  1. I was snowed on this morning on my walk around 8:00 am. The snow was very light and the flakes were very tiny. Sadly, it did not stick and the sun has come out and we are left with our typical Southern Arizona January day of wind and cold. The elevation at our house is 2693 ft. MSL according to the Alphabet company’s maps website. Our location is generally N 32 degrees, and W 110 degrees. Welcome to Arizona where you can be in sunshine at my house and 15 miles north you can be at +9,000 ft and feet of snow.


    1. Thanks, Philip, and very interesting. I was going to put this in the blog tomorrow, and still might, but as we left Barrett-Jackson this afternoon we were briefly treated to a winter mix of precipitation that included some snow.


  2. Looks like there was some mighty nice iron at the show. I’m kinda planning to go to Amelia Island Concours this year. I will be in the area to get a work project started, so thinking I’ll order some tickets and take some of the crew out for a day. Been a few years since I’ve been myself so should be fun.

    Not to make light of your medical issues, but I think I’ve found some of the ten pounds you lost if you would like them back. :-/


    1. My wonderful wife and I have often talked about attending Amelia Island at least once before we can’t. I think it’s more likely than not that we will not make it there.

      We also thought it was quite a collection at the Arizona Concours. The venue where the event was held is still in the middle of an expansion that they hope to complete before next year’s event. The size of the field might double, which would be an opportunity to see an incredible number of amazing cars, if I’m still on the right side of the grass.


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