Wise Words From Dirty Dingus McGee

I suspect only a small percentage of readers reads the comments. That’s their loss. Dirty Dingus McGee submitted a comment that I think is worthy of being shared with all readers.


“In the headlong rush to make EVERYTHING electric, there quite a few things that are flat out ignored.

First: there is NOTHING “green” about an electric vehicle. They use more resources to manufacture than an ICE vehicle. They require a supply of power, a battery stores electricity it does not generate any, and roughly 2/3 of that power comes from coal power. When that battery reaches the end of its life, they are currently not recyclable. Probably 90% of my ICE vehicles are recyclable. In my current fleet there are molecules of steel that were once my grandmother’s refrigerator, my neighbors wore out backhoe and even my great grandfathers hand saw.

Second: there is an element of control involved I think. It’s easier to control a population that is less mobile. If I can only get 2-300 miles on a charge, then have to wait to recharge for a couple hours due to a line in front of me, then spend 1 hour charging, how far from home can I afford to go? And there is also the reality of blackouts. Remember all the way back to last summer in California? “We have to have rolling blackouts due to excessive load on the grid. Oh yeah, we’re also gonna make you buy only electric vehicles.” But you’ll be able to take a bus to get where you want to go. Ever take a bus? I would almost rather hitch hike.

Third: Most all of the promises for the future are just that, promises. Based mostly on hopeium and unobtanium, with dashes of pixie dust and unicorn farts. And these promises are made by politicians, the most honest and trustworthy folks around. Who are also, strangely, exempt from the policies they force us to live by. So please forgive me for not believing it’s raining, when I can see you pissing on my back.”


Bravo, DDM, Bravo!


Here’s a video from a tweet that read, “Why Bob Barker quit The Price Is Right.” Sorry, but all I can think when I see this is we have WAY too many stupid people in this country.


My wonderful wife took this pic and sent it to me. It almost doesn’t look real, but it is.




If it hadn’t been for DDM’s comment, I wasn’t going to post today. With the disappointing lipase result, the process of filing a grievance against the GI practice that refused to do anything to help me because I was late for an appointment–only time I have ever been late for a medical appointment, the uncertainty surrounding the potential sale of our current home and potential purchase of the “Goose Bumps” house, I am just frazzled beyond hope.

I am going to try to fast today to give my pancreas a day off. When I was in the ER in early December, even though my lipase level was only slightly above the normal range, the ER physician suggested I spend 1-3 days in the hospital on IV fluids and probably partially sedated. I chose not to stay, but have come to regret that decision in the past two days. I wonder if 10mg of melatonin will make me sleepy enough so I can spend part of the day napping.






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11 thoughts on “Wise Words From Dirty Dingus McGee

  1. Sorry about “making” you put together a post for today.

    Hope your medical issues get resolved soon. Ongoing problems are the worst.

    The organization I belong to had a scare last night. Youngish guy was giving a presentation when he fell out. With all the publicity about folks falling out due to clots related, apparently, to the vax, that was the first thought. There were 2 firefighter/emt’s there who took charge, 911 was called and he was off to the hospital. Heard a couple hours ago that the doctors determined he had a stroke. Guy is in his mid 30’s, seemed to be in good shape, not overweight, non smoker, non drinker, etc. Hopefully he will fully recover.

    Things like that always remind me of a line from Warren Zevon on David Letterman’s show after he knew he would not recover from the cancer he had. “Enjoy every sandwich”


  2. The color of cow poop depends on what color of fodder you feed them. Cow poop does fit the environmental fanatics definition of green as it can be used as non-chemical fertilizer.

    Thankful for the presence of the emt’s at the presentation to attend to the speaker’s needs. Sadly strokes can occur at any age, which is why thou shalt monitor thy blood pressure.

    I love Warren Zevon’s music, which, sadly can no longer be live nor any new material. His “Lawyers, Guns and Money” is a classic. Remember not to go home with the waitress.

    Now to DDM’s comments which generated this post. Thank you for your astute observations. Anytime the government dictates major changes to policy to force the people into one of the government’s grand schemes, i.e. electric cars, it will always result in unintended consequences. Why, you ask, because, it is a scheme generated from the government and not the people. That is called socialism, which has never worked in any society ever in history. All the liberal-progressive-socialist-communist-Marxists want to do is control you because they think they are smarter than all of the rest of us. So ends the rant for today.


    1. ” All the liberal-progressive-socialist-communist-Marxists want to do is control you because they think they are smarter than all of the rest of us.”
      Ah yes, the arrogance of ideologues.


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