Go Horned Frogs!

I am not a Georgia “hater” and I readily acknowledge that the Southeastern Conference (SEC) is the best college football conference in the country. I am also not predicting that TCU will win tonight’s college football championship game. I just want them to win. I think theirs is a compelling story and I think a win by the Horned Frogs would be good for the sport of college football.



By leading with the TCU-Georgia game I did not wish to downplay the significance of this date, January 9, in my life. It was on that day in 1999 that I moved in with the wonderful woman I married five months later and, of course, we are still very happy together.

However, on this day in 2004 my marvelous mom died. Talk about extremes…I guess that’s just life.


I must confess that I have watched only a little of the coverage of the current Mecum auction from Kissimmee, Florida. As I have written many times before, I am not a fan of the pickup trucks and SUVs that have taken over “car” auctions, even though I understand that development mirrors what is happening in the motor vehicle market at large.

I also think that, paradoxically, having a subscription to Motor Trend+ takes away much of the urgency of watching the Mecum auctions live or even recording them. I know I can watch the auctions at any time, but in all honesty I seldom go back and watch auctions weeks after they have occurred.

No cars will be auctioned today, the only off day during the 4,000+ car event that will run from the 4th through the 15th. A car like this is, perhaps, the most desirable car on the docket tomorrow.


1963 Buick Riviera White, 42K miles | White 1963 Buick Riviera Classic ...


This is not the actual Mecum car, at least I don’t think it is. It is a 1963 Buick Riviera. By the way, the official production figure for the ’63 Riviera is exactly 40,000 units. It was not the most expensive Buick that year with an MSRP $32 lower than the Electra 225 convertible, $4,333 vs. $4,365. The 1963 Riviera price converts to about $42,000 in “today’s money.” (I guess the Electra price does too.) That amount is actually below the average transaction price for a new vehicle in the US at present.

While I prefer the ’65 model, I just love hidden headlights, I would be very happy to own any first-generation Riviera (1963-65) as long as it was running decently and didn’t need too much body work. If the current Hemmings listings are representative of the market, then running first-gen Rivieras start at about $25,000, but ’65 GS models can be six-figure cars. Of course, the latter has been a member of all of my Ultimate Garages, including version 3.0 posted in July of 2021. (!)

At 208 inches in length these cars will not fit in many Arizona garages. I also would have to get an EFI conversion done as I wouldn’t want to experience the vapor lock that is quite common among cars with carburetors during Arizona summers. I can still dream, though.






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4 thoughts on “Go Horned Frogs!

    1. Thanks, Doc. I actually don’t think I have ever watched as much college football as I have this year. Of course, when I first became aware of the sport the TV inventory was almost non-existent compared to today.


  1. I suspect tonight will NOT be a good night to go out to eat, as every tv in every bar/grill/restaurant will have the game on, rooting for the home team. Woof, woof sez all my neighbors.


    1. Yes, you live in the Peach State. I have nothing against the Bulldogs and was happy when they defeated Alabama last year for the national title (not that I have anything against Alabama, either).


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